Sunday, March 04, 2007

Season of Migration to the Blogosphere

It's been quite noticeable lately how many people are leaving forums, or at least become less active, prefer to have their own spaces to speak their minds, and create their own blogs. Every other day I discover a new blog created by a person I knew as a member in a forum I used to be active at.

Raeef, Qais, Ohoud, Iman, Laila, Ola, Simsim, Rana, Weddo, Jood, Reem, Mais and Mais, Amjad and Amjad, Dina, Areej, Maya, Hala, Kouki, Manal, Hani, Mohammed, Dima, Aladdin, Omar, Hazem, Ali , Faris, Kolita, Algoo, Khaled, yours truely, and still counting...
who else? etla3o min bein el khobeizeh

All these people migrated to the blogosphere. Good for them by the way, especially after the stupid action that was taken by the adminstration of the forum. I was glad to see many of them blogging because they make good writers and have creative ideas to blog about. It was wise of them to put these ideas in a safe place rather than in a place where they end up thrown in a trash can.


MQabbani said...

i See

am not in any Forums , na na naaa

to blogging direct

Aladdin said...

Tell me about it, it was painfull, wil 7abil 3al jarar, the administration is making the site more unbearable and boring than ever.

I wish I could just leave mahjoob, but I can't just leave something I invested 7 years of my life in.

:smilie 3ala za3al:

Weddo said...

ana batzakkar olt eshe hon :|

bara2 said...

Ya3ne shofee … elsara7a bten7aka .. a7la eshe be halpost hada ele bey2atel .. d5elo ma azka .. allah yes3edooooo 

Anonymous said...

I didn't know such a huge number of Mahajeeb are active bloggers, nice! =D

Ola said...

Are all those peopel mahjoobians? :D

Hala said...

Exactly ... I was extremely disappointed. It just feels sad you know. I was about to blog about the same thing by the way.

I love my blog, to hell with forums :P

I like the new background :D

Hala said...

Question ... Who are Laila, Hani, and Khaled?! :smiley yatasa2al:

Hazem ( FadFed ) said...

hehe , ta7leel mantiqi.. khaleena ne3mal xmahjoobi blog

SimSim said...

some of them i don't know who they were in mahjoob :S

I will write something about this latter cuz it was really stupid action and painfull ...

we live and learn

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

hala: laila = CHE iza ana mish ghal6aneh. khaled = 6awalan and hani i have no idea :S
and i'll be back with a comment

Oriental Arabesque said...

I liked blogs more than forums

At least you get to read some valuable and worthy thoughts. You interact with "mature" ppl and read mature comments instead of chatting and 6a2 7anak :)

Hala said...

I thought Laila was CHE too :P

Hani = Ironic-Eye :D

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

hala: lol tle3et ghal6aneh, i went to the site again its To The Point :D shud have had a look before ma afti la7ali :D

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

diana: i shud have started blogging ages ago i reckon, its so easy to say what u wish and know only the selected comment, also, as u mentioned, the "action" was repelling.

Laila said...

yep, I'm TTP :)

It was not the action as much as the bickering and petty arguments that resulted when you published anything that brought me down. So when Ola suggested blogging, I jumped at the chance :)

But it is hard to keep track of other blogs, so its great we have these blog aggregators (right word?) to keep track of new posts.

theone said...

wa ma 5afya kana a3thaam :p

i think i started a chain of mahjoob bloggers myself :P enti ma7sobeh mn hal chain :D

Diana said...

Hazem good idea :D
Kouki, 2ala 2olet Raeef wa ma 5ofeya a3tham.
Raeef, that's true, you were the first who introduced me to this world :p

Me too, I thought that Laila is Che, but I found a post about Islam and the style of writing was far away from being Che's.

Anyway, I'm really glad to see you all blogging :)

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum,

I am a Canadian Muslim writer of short fiction, poetry and ‘daily news commentary’. Come by inshallah for a quick read when you have 59 seconds or so.

Wa salaama,

nuh ibn

laila said...

Ok, need some help filling in the blanks... what is everyones mahjoob nickname? I havent been able to identify them all :(

Diana said...

that's a difficult task Laila
but I'll do it anyway :D

Raeef: theone
Qais: Knight
Ohoud: promises10
Iman: Iman
Laila: TTP :D
Ola: el bet Ma3jooga, u know that already.
Simsim: SimSim
Rana: Ranoosh
Weddo: Daisy
Jood: Happy Love
Reem: Mystique
Mais: Desert Rose
Mais: El Mama
Amjad: Zinikh
Amjad: Bo3Bo3
Dina: gordoneyeh
Areej: mlabbas 3 looz
Maya: Caramela
Hala: Spoiled
Kouki: Ordoneyeh
Manal: Memorable
Hani: Ironic Eye
Mohammed: The Mo
Dima: Hades
Aladdin: your ex partner, yis3id saba7o :P
Omar: Omie
Hazem: Intel Inside
Ali: Classy Mercedes
Kolita: miss gozal
Algoo: howe Algoo
Khaled: 6awalan

Laila said...

Thanks Diana :)

I think I guessed quite a few... and feel stupid at not guessing some of the other, rather obvious, ones.