Tuesday, January 10, 2006


* At the time someone asks u to "leave him alone", know that this is the time he needs u the most to be by his side.

* A simple mistake can lead to a savage war.

* Some ppl remind me of owls and ravens rather than humans. Others are more likely to remind of "heartless" beasts. (ouch!)


Dar said...

the first one is so true :)

Nana said...

hala :)

Rana said...

where are u :(..miss u and am so broke i can't call u :mob: are u alove..hope u r good..:wardeh:

Nana said...

Rana,yes I'm alOve :P ops i mean alive :D
I'm just tired and lazy, that's all.
miss u too :hug:. bshofkon 3al weekend inshallah... :-o:

North-Star said...

Kolkom Leave me alone