Monday, February 13, 2006

A Happy Valentine?

So, it’s been a year. Here comes February 14 with all its memories and those of the whole year that followed.
An unforgettable day in the life of the Lebanese people; the day that changed the scene of the Valentine’s Day from the redness of love to the redness of blood; the day that has turned from an occasion to celebrate love to an occasion to lament death.

Monday, February 14, 2005:
A normal day at work, with no mentioned difference except that I was loaded with roses my students, who were exceptionally nice and peaceful on that day, had brought me as Valentine’s gifts. I remember that I wished then that all days would be as peaceful as that day.
Monday, February 14, 2005, 2:20 p.m. Beirut time:
Busy, working with my students on some activities, the session was suddenly interrupted by the gatekeeper of the school asking me to dismiss the class as soon as possible, since the students’ parents and the buses are waiting for them.
Me: “What? But why? It’s not time yet. Or is there a problem with my watch? But the bell hasn’t rang yet anyways.”
“No, your watch is not wrong, but something serious happened and you guys gotta go home as soon as possible. Al Hariri was assassinated a while a go in downtown Beirut.”
I really really didn’t get what he said, it was like a slap on the face! At that moment, I became the dumbest of all times.
- “Come again plz! What have u just said? Who was assassinated?”
-“Al Hariri”
-“Al Hariri who?” DUH!
-“Rafiq Al Hariri!!”
-“huh? Get outta here, u gotta be kidding me! It can’t be!you serious? Perhaps it’s Baheya or any other Hariri, but Rafiq Al Harir, it can’t be! there’s no way they can get him!”
-“No, I am not kidding! Rafiq Al Harir was assassinated. He passed away. Just dismiss the class and go home please!”

I did what he asked, dismissed the students, and ran upstairs to find the whole staff gathering. The shock was drawn on all faces, some were crying, while others were trying in vain to make some phone calls. All the lines were disconnected at that time due to the huge explosion that affected the phone connections; which of course increased our panic.

The principal was asking the bus drivers to carry the children home, telling them that we’ll be off for a few days until notified of when to be back.

It was then that I realized how serious and dangerous the situation is. I realized that it’s not a joke, not a nightmare either, it’s for real.

Arriving home, seeing the brutal, bloody, horrible scene of the event, I knew that things are not going to be the same again, and that we’re undergoing a serious change. That was the case; the incidents that followed were so quick, an event after another, an explosion after another, an assassination after another…. It was a day that diverted the whole track of the history of Lebanon.

Now, that it’s been a year, one can’t but remember, not only Rafiq Al Hariri, but all the other martyrs: Basil Flayhan, George Hawy, Sameer Qaseer, and Jobran Twainy, not to mention the victims of assassination attempts who miraculously survived like: May Shedyaq. One can’t but remember them all and ask Allah to bless their souls.
May Love and Peace prevail in Lebanon and the whole world, for this day and for the days to follow.

With love,


Anonymous said...

02/14/what ever year it is, I dont like this day Bedeesh
Inty shlonek :ag:

Nana said...

am fine, who's this? :???:

Dead Man Walking said...

allah yer7amo


Nana said...

I bet anonymous is Rana :D

DMW, ameen :)

Anonymous said...

No this is not Abo ganweh No this is not salah
I feel like either having a mansaf or Beating some body.

Nana said...

LOOOL, abu ganweh, hiii.
u cracked me up :D, la ahrob w anfed bi jeldy a7san :b+:

hala Sala7 (f), long time now see.
Have a Happy Valentine my friend (f)

and post something in ur blog, everytime i go there I find nothing new :mob:

North-Star said...

SINCE Im not joining mahjoob those days sure I will alagleg : ya3ny a3mel Blogs there :
Bass 3ala Allah ye6la3 menny 2eshy
:la6em 3al el gar3ah:

Nana said...

and why ur not joining mahjoob, the adminstrator is not joyning mahjoob ya ged3an :D

3ajabak el new look taba3 bloggy?:ch:

yalla waiting to read something in ur blog :rgs:

North-Star said...

7ardan 3and dar ahly ana :p bedeesh waaaaaaaaa3 Im just too busy hal ayam Diana w Msa7wel is some body I can count on.

el Mohem Ur blog Is nice not just inny being nice no bass inno your blog is nice mesh inny ana ely nice :p

Yes bejanen 6a2e3 lol

Inshallah I will a39or mo`7ty today so stay tuned :ag:

Nana said...

tayeb allah ya36eek el 3afyeh enta w msa7wel basha :P
w thank you enta elle nice :P,lol.
w I'll stay tuned bas bokra mish el youm cuz i have to sleep early.

thanks for passing by Sala7

Anonymous said...

May Allah bless his soul...

Lizard of Oz said...

Ah sa7ee7, ana ma3jooga :-o:

Nana said...

anonymous, thanx whoever u are :-)

3ajoog, I knew that it's u min kelmet cinnamon :D
hala cinnamon girl, glad to see u here :)

Nana said...

ah, w kelmet Lizard kaman :D

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

keeef 3irfti from my bday waley! kamasheeni! ma t2ooli la 7ada hehehe tab inti meen in mahjoob

Nana said...

not only ur birthday, it's the way u write, it's unique, i knew that it's u b4 noticing the birthday post which made me more sure :P

@m not goNn@ teLl y@, TrY To Gue$$

North-Star said...

Abayeh shekly beddy ashog thayby w a6la3 menha ana :S
I messed up my blog 3ala Jeeran :waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa3: gal beddy a3mal web page el blog ba66al ybayen bass nazalet as Promised :mest7y w wejho zay el ba6ee`7a el 7amra:

I will fix it lamma arawe7 inshallah aw ba7mel `3rady kolha men honak w ba3melha hona :rgs:

Nana said...

wak Sala7 what have u done?
ro7et zay el habla i wanna post a comment wala kont a3ref wein wala keef, wala fahmeh shee min shee :D

It looks nice though :P. yalla jeeb '3radak 3ala blogspot n join us :rgs:
welchum welchum

North-Star said...
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North-Star said...

Loool Dededede wa :D
elgofy hayno zaba6to :D


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

yeee guess gal... yala bleaze my brain cannot handle losin any more brain cells.... khaleehum la yawm aghbar when i need them lol

nana? nona? ma azon.. nana not alas either.. wala spoiled.. wala lady d.. snow??

Nana said...

Sala7, ok, am gonna check it out, ya mo5areb enta :P

islamic chocoholic,LOL @ u. now u know who I am :)

Anonymous said...

meen jaaab seerti.. bel 3a6el wala bel mnee7