Sunday, February 05, 2006

I don't like you anymore!

How often does this happen to u? to stop liking someone u used to like?!well, lately I suddenly noticed that I stopped liking so many people. a considerable number of relatives and friends! :O

I pondered for a while, and discovered that maybe I don't like them in the first place, what I used to do was mere wasting time and "mojamalat" to which i decided to put an end.

At first, I felt a bit guilty, I felt mean, but when I come to think about it, I know that this is the right decision to take, and the right thing to do. Why do we have to force ourselves to to spend time with ppl we do not like, about whom we find nothing interesting, nothing's common between us and them for the only reason that they exist in our life against our will, and we have to take their existence for granted?!

Why don't we free ourselves from all these social obligations and hypocrisy. Why don't we act spontaneously without being obliged to stand some ppl we do not like being with? and on the other hand spend more time with those we like.

so, u and u and u, I don't like u anymore! Would u plz stay away from me?

sounds mean right? naa, am not gonna do that, just make them feel it without having to be rude :$ :P


Dead Man Walking said...


Nana said...

sho jabak hon enta :@
get outta here, I don't like u anymore! :@


hala 3ammar, efredha kollo wala za3alak :D

Dead Man Walking said...

bye :-(

SimSim said...

who is u ? :shy:
it happened with me alot and lately wallahe as u said some people I am just wondering how did I use to talk to them ..


Nana said...

yalla, we live and learn.