Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I don't want to sleep

Why do we have to sleep? Sleeping is wasting time. I don't like it when I'm busy doing something, and a voice inside me keep whispering every now and then:" go to bed, go to bed, you have to wake up early tomorrow morning, you have lots of work to do, u can't perform well if u didn't go to bed right at this moment"

Hey you, leave me alone, you keep picking on my nerves! I don't want to sleep!

but I have to :(


Dar said...

lol , that is crazy enuf :)

Nana said...

Is this supposed to be good or bad? :D

SimSim said...

I LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE sleeping loooool when I have nothing to do I go to sleep looool


Nana said...

I know, ya 5om noum enty :P