Saturday, June 17, 2006


Since the kids left, and there's nothing important to do at school other than chatting, discussing stupid domestic affairs in which I'm not in the least interested, I decided to kill time by reading.
I, while reading "The Zahir" - as u can see in the sidebar- got so indulged in the book that I no longer can hear their voices or follow up with their conversation.

Suddenly, a mate teacher asked: "What are you doing?"

I paused for a moment not believing that she's just asked a stupid question like that.

Me: "reading." obviously (DUH!!!).

She: "What for?"

Me: "HUH??"

She: "Is that an English book you're reading? Listen, why don't you just try to browse the dictionary everyday and learn a few new words instead of wasting your time reading books?"

She was so full of herself, proudly saying that "crap" thinking that she's just came up with the smartest idea ever, and I believe expecting me to give her thanks for this brilliant idea.

Me: "And who said that I'm reading this book to learn new vocabulary?!!!"

She: "Oh, really? What for then?"

I was shocked enough and too astonished to give her an answer. I wanted to say something rude, like : "your question is too stupid to be answered", but thank God, I was saved by another teacher who simply said:

"some people enjoy reading, it's an interest, a hobby, you can call it a habit. It's not necessarily to learn something new ".

"Oh, OK, I got it".

"Thank God u did!!"


Rana said...

if i were you i wld throw the book in her face and tell her " i buy books for many reasons , this is the most enjoyable one" :P

but it is true Diana , many ppl think reading a waste of time and not beneficial at all...their mistake , they will grow spreading this idea with them :S.
i enjoy reading, i too bring along a book in free days at school to kill time.

Nana said...

LOOOOL Rana. Now this I call a brilliant idea. The most enjoyable reason for buying books is to throw them in the faces of annoying ppl :D

I enjoy reading too. When I go shopping, one of the favorite places I enjoy being at is the bookshop.

Ironically enough, this teacher has a B.A. in English Literature, and never read a book. She used to read the summary of the books she was studying at the uni.

btw, thanx for recommending The Zahir, I loved the book. I'm about to finish reading it.

elFool said...

you should have hit on her head with the book 3 times, some people only work that way and she sounds like one

Happy love said...

you is just a habbit..and I find it reaaly enjoyable..especially if the book im reading is interesting enough :p

some ppl dont have the patience to read...


Dar said...

Was s/he a teacher !?!??!!?!??!?!?!?!?! lol


wedad said...

thnaks god the other teacher came in the right time :) allah satar :)
enjoy reading and dont care

Nana said...

yeah wedad, Allah satar, otherwise I would've done what elfool suggested :D

happy love, good for you sweetie ! (f).

Dar, ironically enough, yes she is :D