Sunday, June 04, 2006

Goodbye Kids!!

خلصت السنة يا مدرستي
بدنا نفترق يا مدرستي
بخاطرك... بخاطرك
نشاالله منلتقي السنة اللي جايي
Each time I hear the kids singing this song with the music teacher, I know that freedom is on her way. The countdown has begun, 5 more days and I'll be freeeeeeeee.
I will still have to go to school, but at least there will be no kids to teach, take care of and yell at.
can't wait!


Dead Man Walking said...

mabrook :p

Anonymous said...

as much as I am happy that I will leave the school but I really feel that I will miss them sooooo much ,, I spent the last 2 days taking pictures with the kids and trying to talk and have time with them ... I will miss them so much

Happy love said...

good for you :rgs:

wedad said...

enjoy :)

Rana said...
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Rana said...

3ogbali :sigh:

MObarak Diana..ya3teeki el 3afyeh :give:

Dar said...

Cooool i finished yesterday :P hahaha , it feeels amazing to be done :)

Anonymous said...

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Eve said...

I used to get the blues each time i hear this song! *ghassa*

Khaled said...

I love this song like hell! I'm now 24 years old and still find my self singing this song every once and while!