Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hey, I'm back!

As I previously mentioned, we were planning to spend the summer vacation in Jordan. Unfortunately, the war broke out while I was still in Lebanon, and we spent four miserable days disparately trying to find a way to leave. Until we were told that the Jordanians can be delivered safely from the Jordanian embassy in Baabda directly to Jordan, and that's what actually happened.

We left Lebanon on Saturday night, July 15th, and arrived to Jordan on Sunday morning. It was a long, very tiring journey, but el Hamulillah, we arrived safe and sound. We stayed in Jordan for about 40 days, and came back to Lebanon last week.

Despite the fact that we were all the time worried about our relatives, friends and the people in Lebanon, always thinking of them and praying for them to stay safe, our vacation is considered good and interesting, for it was full of events that kept me fully occupied.

I met my brothers, aunts and uncles and their families after a year of being away. I also had a chance to meet my friends: SimSim, Rana, Ola, Dina, Weddo, Qais, Amjad, and Raeef. Did I forget anyone? I guess not. It was really great to meet you guys!

Now wait to hear the big news! Ladies and gentlemen, I got engaged! Oh, yes I did! and guess to whom? to the guy who keeps teasing me,lol. I got engaged to Dead Man Walking. He's a great guy, and I'm really happy I got to know someone like him :)

I was real busy during the last month that I didn't have a chance to blog. That's it for now. See u around soon ;)


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hamdilla 3ala salantik ya amar :)
i have to say it was soo nice meeting you too! i really was glad to meet you and again i repear ALF MABROOK for u and DMW :)


im still in jordan... hope we always stay in touch snow white ;)

mwa mwa
mansaf 3al laban :P

theone said...

7amdela 3l salmeeh hoon kaman

wa mabrook bardo hon :D

ej3aloha b 3awda

theone said...

btw u r linking Qais to Dina's blog :D

Dead Man Walking said...

kha6abte?!!!!!! :eek:


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

lol meen qais?

Nana said...

Thanx Raeef, I fixed it!

Dandoon, Qais is Knight. Meeting u was a pleasure sweets! Allah ybarek fekon jamee3an, w 3o2balkon.

DMW: excuse me, meen el a5?

Dead Man Walking said...

wa7ad mo3jab :$

Nana said...

sorry, bas ana mortabe6ah :)

Dead Man Walking said...

neyalo :p

SimSim said...

mabrooook ya 3asaal w nyaloo elmgal3aa6 DMW loool great guy indeeed

happy to read for u again here w hope to see u sooon miss u :hug:

Rana said...

el 7amdella 3a salamtik Nana , Nice to see you blogging again , i am not in the mood to touch my blog since ages.
Mobarak el engagement , allah ywaf2kom ya rab :give:
have been a very busy vacation it seems :p

Eve said...

that's wonderful news! mabrouk. was it love at first blog? :)

Happy love said...

mabrooook :yai:
o el 7amdelah 3al salameh.. I know im always late :sc:

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

lol at simsim

DMw.. niyalak ya 3amm

tasharfna ya Knight

nana : hug: ishta2tilik

the one : bajirb sooti :P

Nana said...

Thanks everybody :)

Eve, yeah, kind of,lol.

Ola said...

Awwalan welcome back to the blogsphere!

taniyan mabrook w hay za'3roo6ah lololeeesh :o :D

talitan it was great meeting you too!!

Dar said...

I thought i commented on this post , anyway here it is again
Welcome back , o hope u enjoyed yr stay here at Jordan , and also mabrooook for yr engagment , bs hey wait a minute , this is a major event we wont accept just mentioning that as a part of a post , i know its yr personal life , bs we 'd like to hear more aboout it ...........


Nana said...

Ola thanks hun :)

Dar Allah ybarek feek, thanx :). Well, there's nothing much to tell :p
we met, talked, clicked :$ :D, and then got engaged, bas :p

Suzanne said...

What about me? :( You forgot to mention that you met me :(

I'm hurt! :be3aye6:

allah yejma3ku ma3 ma3ad 3an gareeb ya rub! I meant you & il mgal3a6 DMW :D

Nana said...

suzzzzz, enty el kol bil kol sweetie, I was glad to meet u, ma3 eno ma 2a3adna kteer sawa, u were very late :@

thanx ya amar, 3o2bal ma nefra7 feeky el far7ah el kbeereh, mwah

Iman said...

Hey Guys! (lady D and DMW),

Mabrook! Best wishes for a beautiful life together!
-iman (ex-mahjoobi :D)

Nana said...

Oh, how sweet! Thanx Iman :)