Friday, September 15, 2006

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here you go samaseemo
Name: Diana
Childhood abmition: generally speaking, to become a successful happy working woman.
First job: Accountant
First "‘real" job: Teacher
Fondest memory: The moment the Shaikh pronounced us (me and Ammar) a husband and a wife.
Retreat: my room, doing anything.
Wildest dream: a journey around the world
Proudest moment: When I graduated. Not the graduation day, I mean the moment I knew that I passed.
Perfect day: spending the day out, with the family, or with friends.
Indulgence: shopping of course, spending much time online sometimes.
Soundtrack: Fairouz
Last purchase: some bridal stuff.
Alarm clock: at 6:30 a.m.
People: weird complicated creatures.
Favorite book: maybe "One Hundred Years of Solitude".
Most used expression: "so, sho kaman?", "ah, OK", "aha"
Inspiration: books, life, anything...
News source: depends. TV, newspapers, people...
Biggest challenge: when you follow your heart, trust your instinct, not sure where it'll take you.
Religion: comfort, peace of mind.
Education: a key to success.
Pain: a feeling that teaches us a lot.
Happiness: Everyone's goal in life.
I don't wanna tag anyone. Unless somebody is interested.


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nice answers :hug:

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