Friday, October 20, 2006

Tagged again

Been tagged by Dina. She wants me to state nine things about myself weird or otherwise, it's not easy to do so, but I'll do my best.

1. In general, I'm a calm peaceful person, but you don't want to see me when I get mad.

2. generally speaking too, I'm kinda solitary, not very talkative, I'm used to be alone, and I prefer to stay alone. This doesn't mean that I cannot be sociable and outgoing. I still hate crowded places and noise.

3. I think I'm a pessimistic person; I always have a hope that what's awaiting for us will be better, I hate pessimism and gloomy thoughts.

4. Unlike SimSim, I HATE cats, I don't like pets and animals. Despite the fact that I used to love kittens when I was a kid, I wonder what happened and made me hate them.

5. When I go to visit someone, I always forget on which floor they live, I keep guessing and I end up choosing a floor randomly, and keep wandering from a floor to another until I find the apartment.

6. I have a phobia from escalators, like 10 years ago, I fell down an escalator, and since then, I have never (and never will) got on any escalator. I tried a few times to overcome this fear, but each time I try, I remember what happened and I run away looking for the stairs or the accelerator.

7. I wonder whether this is weird or not, but mom considers it abnormal, I can know the taste of anything from the smell, I can even tell whether it needs more sugar or more salt from the smell, without tasting it.

8. What else am I supposed to say? This is a difficult test Dina.

9. I think I'm done. Sue me :p
They're nine anyway, aren't they :D

I want to tag: Happy Love. Hek hek she's on focus, ya3ny kharbaneh kharbaneh. :P


SimSim said...

nice to see u around :rgs: kefek ? can u tell me how can I make the name as a link for his/her blog ? :shy: fahmeh 3alay ? :shy: like when I click my name I go to my blog heek ya3nee :P

Nana said...

hello samaseemo
I'm OK el 7amdillah, hwr u doing?
it's the same as forums, highlight the name, click on links in the menu above and copy paste the link, got it?

Happy love said...

tried to comment that day bs ma zebe6 :mal5oom:

thanks for tagging me.

Abed. Hamdan said...

im calm but im a monster when im too mad. and I hate all kinds of animals! I can just watch them on TV.

Hmmpph, I got many tags, and Im too lazy to answer them. I'll put them all in one post, soon :S

theone said...

kol 3am wa ente b5eer (f)

Nana said...

Jood: no worries :)

Abed: don't be laxy, yalla go ahead and answer ur tags :D

Raeef:thanx dear, w enta b5air, bas shaklak mdaye3, this is not the Eid post :P
Eid Mubarak :)

Nana said...

ops, lazy not laxy.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

ta3raf now sirt mit3akdeh ino an amali ishi.. the only problem i had answering this tag was that i coulnt stop remmebring weird things abt me.. la hala2 ma olti ishi 2ajeeebb.. ya3ni if u mentioned having a pet dubaneh like i did as a kid :S lol ok hahaha *hides

thnx for doin the tag! btw i am afraid of elevator cause i got stuck in one !! bas inti wi2i3 feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeki?! AAAAH?! omg.. my FEAR.... Allah yustur!

EID MUBARAK YA Sweeee6ieee

Nana said...

la2 mish el elevator we2e3 feye, ana w2e3et 3an el escalator :'(
Eid Mubarak to u too :)