Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Releasing some Anger

Disclaimer: this post is full of hatred, and Nana is mad, fed up and needs to let out; but I guarantee that she will feel much better after this :)

- I hate it when people (whoever these people are) interfere in my life and tell me what to do and what not to do. People, I do not interfere in your lives, so leave mine alone!
- I hate it when I'm being nice to people, and instead of appreciating it, they become more and more demanding thinking that being nice is equivalent to being weak and not able to say NO!
- I hate it when I kindly ask people not to do "that" again, and they do not respect what I asked for, and keep on doing "that" over and over.
- I hate it when I "kindly" ask people not to talk about a certain subject with me anymore, and they simply ignore this request, and keep on talking about the same thing, over and over and over and over…. Until I find myself obliged to ask them "unkindly" to shut the hell up!
To me, not respecting my wishes means not respecting me, and the last thing I'd like to do is to deal with someone who do not show respect to me.
- I hate it when people do not treat me the same way I treat them.
- I hate it when people make a comic or a joke out of or in serious situation, or when I'm not in the mood to accept silly jokes about serious matters and they "think" they are being funny, be5afefo dam ya3ny. I hate it when people do not differenciate between el maze7 wel jad.
- I hate it when people turn everything even serious and "sensitive" matters to silly jokes. We definitely cannot make fun of anything. There are redlines that are supposed to be respected.
- I hate it when people while thinking that they're being funny and cool, hurt others with their uncalled for comments and childishness.
- I hate it when people know that what they're saying is hurting or irritating me, and yet keep on saying it.
- I hate excessive nagging, I can hear you once, twice, and thrice, but repeating the same old symphony of nagging about the same things over and over, and do nothing but nag nag nag is absolutely very irritating and unbearable. It's like blowing the balloon until it explodes.
- I hate silly, tasteless and meaningless comments, and talking just for the heck of talking even if it was nothing but nonsense. If you have something good to say, go ahead, otherwise spare people your ridiculousness and remain quiet!
- I hate moodiness, when you're not in a good mood spare people your rudeness by avoiding them instead of asking them to avoid you.
- I hate it when people are being selfish that when they feel bad make everyone around them feel the same way. Eza ento mnakadeen there's no need to tnakdo 3ala el nas kaman. El wa7ad mish na2soh w kol wa7ad hammoh mkafeeh! I hate el nakad wel nekdeen, eftttt!
- I hate to listen to pessimistic people who keep talking and nagging about how unlucky they are and how life is treating them badly, ignoring the fact that in life there are ups and downs, and only weak people and losers give up and lose hope.
- I hate e7sasless people who make fun of emotional situations by their silly usual comment: "We Know Drama!"
- I hate arrogance.
- I hate it when people arrange appointments and take decisions without referring to me, not taking into consideration whether this suits me or not, what's important is to suit them! And then surprise me that "a meeting will be held tomorrow", or "hello, I'm coming along, I have nothing to do today", tayeb what if I have?!!! Duh!
- I hate it when people visit me with no previous note, especially when I'm busy and have some plans to do, and end up canceling them because of this sudden visit.
- I hate it when a friend miscalls me expecting me to call her back, when she is the one who needs to talk to me, and yet she's saving her credit for calling her boyfriend.
- I hate it when people do not understand from the first, second, or even tenth time that I'm not really interested.
- I hate pushy people.
- I hate it when people insist on me to eat something, or stay for lunch, dinner or whatever. 3alayee el 6ala2 la tetghadoo 3inna.
- I hate it when people keep blaming me for not calling or visiting them whenever they see me, and when I roll my eyes at them explaining how busy and tired I am w mish fadyeh lal zyarat w el 7aky el fady, they reply: sorry bas maho el 3atab 3ala 2ad el ma7abeh.
- I hate it when I get continuously interrupted when talking about something important or explaining the lesson.
- I hate rude people, I hate to be rude myself, and I hate it when people force me to be rude.
- I hate it when I go somewhere, spend much time looking for a parking, not find one and end up going back home.
- I hate it when some people call or show up only when they have a favor to ask me for.
- I hate it when people do not carry with them their necessities, like some girl I know who never carries napkins not even when she has flue, and keeps begging people for napkins.
- I hate it when people use my stuff without asking me first
- I hate it when people become slaves to superstition and base their lives and actions on bad omens and good ones.
- I hate it when people become followers, robots, take everything for granted without thinking.
- I hate blind nationalism.
- I hate it when someone while trying disparately to forget about and get over a bad phase of his life, people keep talking about it and remind him of his pain and the bad times he went through.
- I hate it when I spend sometime writing a long reply or post, and suddenly either the connection or the electricity goes down.
- I hate el mfalsafeen, those who complicate things and make big deals out of nothing.
- I hate artificial beauty, contact lenses, and plastic surgeries.
- I hate it when the principal passes by just right at the moment I am scolding or yelling at the kids.
- I hate chatting and long phone calls.
- I hate it when I follow my intuition, and my intuition deceives me. I hate being disappointed.
- I hate it when I see that an ugly man with a big belly and a 9al3a, and who's far away from being elegant is being very picky, wants his wife to be perfect, and keeps buzzing her to watch out her weight and appearance.
- I hate stupidity; stupid people make me want to pull my hair out.
- I hate dealing with people who lack courtesy and etiquette.

Wow, what a relief! Now I feel much better! Yuppyyyy!


Weddo said...


I was so uptight while reading this :D I couldn’t believe I finished it!

Glad you’re feeling better now! :hug:

“I hate it when I kindly ask people not to do "that" again, and they do not respect what I asked for, and keep on doing "that" over and over.”

I’m suffering from this lately :S ba7esni ba7ki m3 jamaaad


abu_shakuush said...

i did not read the whole thing but i think you are mad! count to 10 and re-think.

dino$ said...

I HATE ALL THE ABOVE! itnarfazt reading it cause it reminded me of soooooo much hatred lol 3imlt the reverse efffect 3indi.. ino after eahc poitn id think to myslef "AAAAAAAAAAAH! ANA KAMAN" lol

now i feel like punching something.. or maybe a chocola6a will make everything ok :)

here have one *hands chocolate to nana
wa hay hug kbeered kaman : mwa:

SimSim said...

all the way reading it I was just imagining ur face m3asssbeehhh :D loooool kolll haad u katmeh b2albek ? looool

walla fee ashyaa2 ana basawehaa :shy: ma tkonee bet3asbee menne kaman :shy:

Dead Man Walking said...

allah yestor ma tfeshe '3olek fyeh :S

Nana said...

LOL @ ur reactions, ana wallah mosalameh ma ba5awef :D
bas when i feel mad at something, i have to let it out aw baf2a3, 7ata law 5abaset shway it's ok, el mohem arta7 :P

Rana said...

LOL at the principal passing u by when it happens u yelling at some kid!!
jad dayman we get caught we are never ready!!!

i hope u let out and vented out some of your anger.

i can't tolerate stupidity too btw , who can aslan??

Nana said...

Next time she'll find me hanging them from the ceiling, grrrrrrrrrr

yes ranoosh, I vented and it made me feel good.
I'm sorry guys I made u read all that :$

Hala said...

Ya mama :o

We should avoid you whenever you are releasing your anger dose, should we not? :D

Nana said...

Nooo Hala :D
I don't usually pour my anger on people, I prefer to avoid them till I calm down.
except for those who caused this anger, they must pay for it :P