Monday, November 13, 2006

6ale2 bil Talatah!!!

So, "situation in Lebanon has reached a divorce status" said Nabih Berri from Iran. He added that "I tried to find a remedy to the problem, but alas, we reached a point where divorce was inevitable."

LOL! Very funny! What a metaphor Berri came out with!

So true... the conflicting parties are just like two conflicting partners living under the same roof, until their life together becomes unbearable and they end up going to the last resort which is divorce. However, in the second case one of the two partners will leave the place for the other, but in Lebanon this solution will never work. It's impossible for one party to leave the country for the other, it's either one of them kill the other (and his is our fear), or they just y7o6o 3a3lon bi rason and go back to the dialogue table, and try to come up with a solution to this crisis that we've been suffering from since Al Hariri's assasination.

Now that they have hit a dead end; and the Shiites ministers resigned from the government as a first step, which will be followed by other steps including street protests and God knows what else, the other side of course threatened to go to the streets as well, which is likely to end up with violent confrontations.

Confrontations have already started to take place not only in the streets, but inside houses where a brother supports the red team, while his brother supports the yellow, the green, or maybe the orange one ;) . and the wheel keeps on turning, w Allah yostor ...

This disgusting situation brings to mind Fairouz's song:

يا بني أمي - جبران خليل جبران
في ظلام الليل أناديكم هل تسمعون
مات أهلي و عيونهم محدقة في سواد السماء
في ظلام الليل أناديكم هل تسمعون
مات أهلي و غمرت تلال بلادي الدموع و الدماء
الويل لأمة كثرت فيها طوائفها و قل فيها الدين ... الويل لها
الويل لأمة تلبس مما لا تنسج و تشرب مما لا تعصر ... الويل لها
و الويل لأمة مقسمة و كل ينادي انا أمة ... الويل لها
يا بني أمي الحق الحق أقول لكم
وطني يأبى السلاسل وطني أرض السنابل
وطني الفلاحون وطني الكرامون
وطني البناؤون و الغار و الزيتون
وطني هو الأنسان وطني لبنان
A great expresive poem by Khalil Gibran.


Bos6ar Gadeem said...

بالرغم من أن لبنان أكثر بلد فيها ديمقراطية في الوطن العربي .. الا انها أكثر البلاد العربية طائفية و مشاكل سياسية .. بسبب جغرافيتها السكانية
والحل الأمثل باعتقادي هو نظام ملكي

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

zakarteeni fil aflam il masriyeh... inti tala2 bil talatah!! " il 3isma bi 2eeedi wil bayt bi ismi"

ma yu7komsheeeeeeeeee

have a wonderful day ya teacher yali bta3tee Diddeh lal naughty.. * runs b4 she gets slapped lol

Anonymous said...

I guess the parties are trying not to start great conflicts, right? afraid from a new civil war la sama7a Allah! and I felt secure knowing that the people themselves are doing their best not to go into wild arguments, but donnooo
Allah yehdeehom.

Nana said...

exactly, everyone can criticize or even curse the president, the ministers and the prime minister, 3ady...
Too much democracy is no good 3ala fikra. We Arabs don't deserve to live in a democratic country, le2ano ma bnemshy '3air bil ra99.

Lebanon becoming a Kingdom is something that will NEVER happen.

LOL, apparenty el 3esmah is bi 2eed El Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah :D
6ala2hom bil talatah!

wallahy ya Weddo el wade3 mish kteer be6amen. It's true that Hisbullah assured so many times that his weapons will never be directed towards the lebanese people, it's there only for the enemy, but no one can guarantee that they will not respond in case any party did anything wrong to them! w 3ala 2olet el sayedah el fadelah om kolthoom ennama lel sabr 7dood.

Allah yjeeb el 2awa2eb saleemah!