Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Palestine Times Launched in West Bank

The Palestine Times, the first English-language Palestinian daily newspaper since the Palestinian Authority was created in 1994, has gone on sale for the first time.

"Maintaining our independence is the primary objective of our newspaper," editor in chief and one of the newspaper's proprietors, Othman Alhaj Mohammed told a news conference Monday in Ramallah, where the daily is based.

The Palestine Times is the first foreign-language daily to appear in the Palestinian territories since the English-language Al-Fajr went out of business in the 1990s.
The newspaper, whose first edition was 12 pages in colour, will also circulate in Israel.


Sunny said...

Enjoyed your BLOG

Salaam God bless you

Nana said...

Thank you Sunny
Bless you too :)

SimSim said...

this is great

I hope it will be published in other countries,we need the world to hear us

Weddo said...

Great :)

there's no website sa7? yalla nshoof what would it be :P

مواويل said...

مليح والله

Nana said...

el mafrood eno ykoon fi website, but I didn't find it when I posted this.

Ryan said...

Very interesting website you've got here. I also added my website on PalestineBlogs, I'm from Sweden, of Palestinian origin though, but I've never been in Palestine, but I don't have to. Palestine's in me. Both heart and soul, that is.

Med vänliga hälsningar, och en god jul på er alla!


Nana said...

I've never been to Palestine either, but as you said, Palestine is always there in our deep core :)

Although I understood nothing from the last line, but right back at you whatever it is, hehe.

thanx for stopping by :)