Wednesday, November 29, 2006


S: Sad
A: Angry
L: Lonely
T: Tensed
S: Stressed

When you are craving salty food and eat big amount of it without necessariy being hungry, you must be sad, angry, lonely, tensed, or stressed!
That's what a nutritionist mentioned, relating the letters of the word "salts" to these moods.

So, today, I had two breakfasts at school, and when I arrived home I was full but I ate as if I was very hungry!
Of course at night my stomach was still full, but I wanted badly to eat, although I wasn't hungry. And I didn't want to eat anything sweet, I was craving salty food. I tried to resist but I couldn't! Obviously I'm feeling sad and stressed, now I'm feeling guilty and very full which, to make things worse, will make me have sleeping troubles tonight...

So, does your mood affect your eating habits? Does stress make you eat more, or cause you a loss of appetite?


Abed. Hamdan said...

Does my mood affect my eating habbit ?? are you kidding me!

I gained 10 KGs in the last 6 months, just because I wasn't feeling ok! simple depressions can affect my eating habits. and i quit gym in the last 6 months, im a little bit busy.

and ah, what you did today, eating without being hungry; this is how i gain weight! becarful !

Anonymous said...

Absolutely there is no doubt about it,eating habits are driven by your mood.Am not on a diet but I watch the "quantity" of food I eat.But for the past couple of month I stopped any type of exercise and am munching on junk food,eating without being hungry just from being nervous.Then you start dealing with the guilt to add to the main cause that led to this now instead of dealing with one problem you end up with many.Some people loose their appetite under stress,but we all end with the same result:Bad health issues and the cause of depression is still there.I try to stay busy.
take it easy:)remember you are not alone.


Dead Man Walking said...

em .... :-D

Weddo said...
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Weddo said...

Am always eating salty food :D y3ni ana daiman sad, angry, lonely, tensed and stressed.

and a big fat YES regarding your question :P
be2ooolo el wa7ad betfashash bel akel mo?

SimSim said...

mmm I don't think so ... never noticed that I eat less or more when I am feeling sad .... but lately I feel like eating too much I don't know why :D

Hani said...

Yes, when am in S A L T S, I lose weight :D

Ola said...

salamtek men el SALTS!

I thought people chocolate when they are stressed out!

I'm craving junk food, does that mean anything? :D

Nana said...

I'll be back :)

Jood said...

I dont know, marat lama akoon sad o mn atba3o I ate more o marat ma bakol eshe!!
ya3ne ma 3ende eshe mowa7ad :mal5oom:

o azka eshe el tofa7 el a5dar m3 el mele7 :l:

Nana said...

Abed,there's a palestinian saying bet2ool: metlak ya zain el dar nas ktar :D
u better watch it. Thank God this happens to me once in a year.

Noura I watch the "quality" of food I eat, I don't care much about the quantity cuz usually I do not each much. But I think I should start to watch the quantity whenever I feel bad w fesh '3elly bil akel!

Dead Man Walking LOOOOL, la2 e7keeha.
people, he was trying to say : em karsh :D

Nana said...

Weddo really? mish mbayen 3aleeky ya3ny, touch wood tab3an balash halla2 tesmany w t2oly Diana na22at :D

Simsim you're saying lately, huh? :P

Hani, tayeb great, as7an min ele betfashasho bil akel :(

Nana said...

Ola Allah ysalmek, I'm feeling much better today 3ala ma yabdo, I only had lunch, no breakfast, no dinner, nefsy masdoodeh 2ad ma akalet mbare7,lol.

and I have no idea why you're craving junk food, I'm not the nutritionist who came out with that theory u know :p

Jood, la2 lazem t7adedy mawqef, hek ma beseer :p

tofa7 ma3 mele7? awwal sem3ah O_o

SimSim said...



Hala said...

Yes, it does affect me. I tend to eat more like there is no tomorrow :D

I hope you are feeling better now :)

Nana said...

Join the club Halool :D
I'm feeling OK, thank you.