Saturday, December 30, 2006

The End

So, Saddam Hussein is gone!
Although I do not like the man but I'm finding a difficulty in wiping out the inexplicable sadness that has overwhelmed me since early morning. I did not believe that they will do it, not on the very first day of Eid. The timing! Everybody is astonished by the timing. Why now? Why today? Why this soon? Why this sudden decision?
And the Iraqis? They supposedly will live happily ever after, eh?


Qwaider قويدر said...

we all have schizophrenic contradicting emotions about what has happened. but what could be said, he's gone ... issue closed

Jad said...

What next is the current question, I feel like they'll finish Al-Sadder to start a civil war.

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

this is "hadyyet il 33ed" w koll i3dam w into b kheer

abu_shakuush said...

i think he did kill people on the Eid day too, so i think it is ok for him to get killed on Eid too. sorry but i do not think he was a good guy.

Diana said...

I mentioned that I didn't like the man. And I'm not against him being judged for the crimes he committed during his reign. But if justice is to be applied, let it be applied on everyone and in the proper way.

The trial in my opinion was far away from being fair and unbiased, and so was the execution decision.
It came in a bad timing only to add oil on the fire, to intensify the hostility and the partition among the Iraqi people, and to humiliate the Arab world by this cheap humiliation of an Arab leader on a holly day.

Saddam was a dictator and he caused the death of hundreds of innocent people, and he should pay for it, yes, very true. But who is going to pay for causing the death of thousands of people who are being killed daily? Saddam is gone now, and the series of violence hasn't gone with him, and will continue till God knows when. If the killing of Saddam was to come with any benefit to Iraq, to help in any way to put an end to the Iraqi crisis, then ya ahlan wa sahlan, let it be, but we all know that none of this will happen and his death will make things even worse.