Wednesday, December 13, 2006


حسن: ضحـــــى رح سبّقك
!ضحى: المش قالت ما تبلشو قبل ما تكتبو أشاميكن، إنت ما كتبت إشمك بعد
...حسن: هلأ بكتبه
!ضحى: أشلن أشلن إشم حشن مش حلو بالمرة
...حسن: مسسسسسسسس هيدي ضحى
ضحى بتحط إيدا على تمه: لااااء، عم بمجح معك كنت، أشلن إشم حشن كتيــــر حلو، إشم ضحى هو اللي مش حلو
(المس بتحاول تكتم ضحكة، وبتعمل حالا مش شايفة ولا سامعة شي)
!حسن: إي، إسم ضحى مش حلو بالمرة
...ضحى بتسرح وبتفكر وبتكتب وبتمحي.. وبعد شوي
ضحى: ميــش يا مش بدي قلك شي
المس (حضرة جنابي): خير يا ضحى شو فيه؟
ضحى: بدي وشوشك... ما بقى تناديلي ضحى، أنا غيرت إشمي، شار إشمي شامية، بش مش عم بعرف كيف بكتبه، كيف بيكتبو إشم شامية؟!


Aladdin said...


That was funny, although I dont like kids that much but they can be extremely cute.

Strange how girls, even at early age look for acceptance more than men :D (I know I will be shot for saying this)

Ammar said...


Weddo said...

SHamya :D LOL @ kids! it was nice reading this 3al sobo7 :P

saba7oki wardon sayyedati

Qwaider قويدر said...

This is so innocent and Funny.... I hope you explaind to her how beautiful the name Do7a really is.
What a wonderful thing to read first thing in the morning, and what a fantastic job to work with innocent lovely kids ...
Ya3teeki el 3afyeh

sharifo said...

Saba7 el kheir...
Bas..keef btenketeb SHamia ?
NIce post..
zay ma 7akat Weddo...nice to read something like this at the morning !

Mona said...

ishem 7ashan msh a7la mn ishem d'o7a :(

kids KIDS kiDS :D
love KIDS ana (a)

MQabbani said...


Hani said...


:D :D :D

I wish that I spend a day among such kids just to watch them how they think and act! It would be so funny.

SimSim said...

looooooooooooooooooool i really miss kids and teaching looool they r the best loooooool

Nana said...

LOL Aladdin, there's nothing wrong with that :P

Weddo and Sharifo: I'm glad that you like it, saba7kon foll ma3 eno el denya el masa halla2 :D

Mona: me too, I love kids, not all of them of course, cute and innocent ones only.

Mqabbani: Shank you :D

well Qwaider, I am trying to convince her that her name is nice, but every day she comes up with a new name, I should've recorded her voice when she told me today that she wants to be named: Shameerah.
I'll record her voice very soon.

Hani: I have a lotttt of these stories, it's my third year as a teacher and kids always say and do funny things :D

SimSim: how about terja3y m3almeh, sho ra2yek? :D

3amooor yes3edly hal de7keh :P

Hala said...

LOL how cute :D

I love how innocent kids are even when they are annoying you to death :P

It must be fun and exciting dealing with kids almost daily :)

SimSim said...

noo waaaay looool

Jood said...

looooooooool :d
cute cute cute :D

Nana said...

yes Halool it is, but not always.

Simsim, esma3y minni :D

Jood: yup, Shamya iJ very cute :D

Dar said...

Nokteh jdeedeh hai !


Lilly said...