Wednesday, January 17, 2007

5 things you don't know about Diana

I knew that this tag stream was going to reach me sooner or later. I've been tagged by Simsim. I'm supposed to list 5 things you don't know about moi! Ok, Here you go.

1- At the age of 16, my parents got divorced, and it took me several years to get over it!

2- I was fat until I reached the age of 19, I've changed a lot since then.

3- Despite being Jordanian, I've never set a foot in Jordan before the year 2001.

4- I studied
shorthand method of rapid writing.
click to enlarge

5- I have 24 nephews and nieces, all of them live in Jordan.

I want to tag the new bloggers: Areej, Ammar, and Dima.


Qwaider قويدر said...

Good to know, and sorry to hear about our parents.
I'm Fascinated with this shorthand thing. I did see it several times and wanted to learn more. But people who type apparently as fast as that are common place nowadays. But it would be something great to learn
I don't know, but you left a bitter taste in my mouth with this post :(

Averroes said...

I've already been double tagged isn't that bad I guess..its an official certificate of cyber space success of sorts..check out my 5 things..and tag ahmad..and the tandaloo

ola said...

Hmmm you have and interesting life I should say!

sharifo said...

Hmmmm...3ajabatni 7kayet el shorthand hadi,,
intersting life..


Qabbani said...

nice 5

wish u luck in JORDAN

Jad said...

Interesting 7ajeh, as for the shorthand writing , where it can be used now?

24 nephews and nieces, cool, we are almost in the same situation heh

kinzi said...

Diana, thanks for the diverse and interesting revelation! I too am sorry for the loss of your parent's marriage. I imagine the issue will come up again when you marry, may God bless you.

I have 20 nieces and nephews and I'm not Arab!

Dead Man Walking said...

6- Her fiancé loves her very much and feels so lucky to have her in his life.

yekhalele eyake Nannoshte (f)

Averroes said... "Ammar" always lives up to his name..good one!

Anonymous said...

diana i loved what you wrote and i hated you for one thing :frustrated:

well, i need lots of time to remember FIVE things to be mentioned in the tagging .. will be done soon :)

Diana said...

It's ok...
well, journalists usually do not carry computers with them, so unless they record the interviews or something, they still have to use their shorthand skills.

next time I must check all the blogs before tagging anybody!

is it? ma3 eno I think otherwise.

ya hala :)

thanx a lot :)

check my reply to Qwaider.
Allah ykhalelak yahon :)

Diana said...

this definitely affected me and will affect my marital life... positively hopefully. I mean I learned a lot from my mother's experience.
Thank you, Bless you too :)

aww, how sweet :$. thanks baby :)

the other Ammar:
LOL, true :D

you hated me marrat wa7deh, leesh tayeb? :-(
tayeb ya sitti khalehon TEN things, enti kareemeh w ne7na bnestahal :D

Anonymous said...

i hated you for tagging me lol :D

was kidding with ya.. i will post only 5 w ya doob tzakkarton :D

SimSim said...

interesting ....

bas hay awal marra basma3 fehaa shorthand !!

Diana said...

6ammanteeni :D

hayyek smi3ti :D