Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ahmed goes Rrrrrrrrr

I got reallly bored and disgusted, and I must have bored you too with all this talk about politics, conflicts and violence, let's get back to our favorite character in Tulip's wonderful world of crazy stuff, shall we? :D

So the English and the Arabic teachers were complaining lately that they're finding a difficulty in teaching Ahmed to pronounce the letters properly and to differentiate between "t' and "k", "s" and "th", "z" and "th", "d" and "g", "r" and "l", etc…
The fruits of their efforts came out when I noticed the other day that Ahmed while writing on his Math book was repeating: rrrrrr, rrrraaaa, rrrrrooo, rrrreeeee. He looked very funny and so cute. Shortly afterwards, when it was Ahmed's turn to count and read an addition equation, he said:
"One prrruth thrrrreeee etuarrrrrrrr…"
"Whattttt?! What have you just said?"
He concentrated for a moment thinking that he missed to count something and repeated:
"One prrrrruth…"
"Oh my God! Ahmed! It's Plus honey, not Prus!!!"
"pLus I said!"
"pLus, it's "Lllllllll"."
He looked really confused, so I decided to leave him.

In the teachers' room, while I was mad at the Arabic teacher arguing that she should not push him to pronounce the letters like that to the extent that he started to pronounce the right letters in a wrong way and asking her to make it easy on the boy, the others were laughing heartily at the pRus incident.


Averroes said...

You're messing up the kid..R is L..L is R..Th is Z..Z is Th..bokra is last week..ba3d'm confused now!

TeaTth A7mad to Thpeak!

Anonymous said...

LOL He s so cute.. i laughed men albi wallah :D

Qabbani said...

Lool ,

it's nice hahaha u really had fun :P

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

can u check ur PMs on hadak? 3andi su2al m7ayerni :D

Weddo... said...


ya 7araam :D

Jood said...

My thith.ter used to talk like Thith, and thanks to nancy 3ajram with her song ah o nos she made her say it properly :D

Averroes said...

BRING NANCY NOW! can I come?

Dima(an oriental blog) said...

lool Ahmad is sooooo cute. He reminds me of my cousin. He used to spell 7arf el '3 as 3. he would say teeta ra3da bel 3orfe (teeta ra'3da bel '3orfe). lol then he started sayin it right, but all the 3 turned into '3. He would say" sa7bi '3omar ija '3ndi.

Hala said...

LOL how cute :) He will get it eventually, hopefully.

Diana said...

daleet warah la 7ad ma sar y2ool pLus :D

Proud Pali: done.

Jood and Dima: how cute :D