Saturday, February 24, 2007

Palestinian Musicians

I was googling around when I came across a site playing the music of a Palestinian composer of whom I've never heard before. I realized that I don't really know many Palestinian musicians. Ashamed of my ignorance, I decided to read more about them. The result was amazing. Take a look.
Nizar Issa
Wassim Qassis
Patrick Lama
Mohsen Subhi Abdalhamid
Taiseer Elyas
Wasif Jawhareieh
Zafir Tawil
and many more...


FurGaia said...

Thanks for this! What a treat! I have bookmarked your page. I have not listened to everybody yet. Issa Boulos is superb!

Mnosh said...

shayfe 3enna kter musicians momayazen :girl: bs bt3erfe eno fe 4 awl mra bsm3 bisemhen :P

Reem Banna,Amal Murkus, Kamelya Jubran & Simon Shahine are the best ;) iza bdk a3'ane 2elhom qolele :)

al-Shami said...

Asaf Sirkis is an Israeli. Please remove his name from this list of Palestinian musicians.

Diana said...

I'm glad that you liked the post :)

This is the first time I hear of most of them :D
Yalla sam3eena

Al Shami:
I'm sorry for this, I removed it. Thanks for pointing it out.

SimSim said...

mesh shayfeh eshee :( kollo x :S

Summer said...

Thanks for sharing the images though!

Sharifo said...

Reem kilani...
A7ki lel 3alam..el tawzee3 el jdeed..just just just,

Great post and great collection!!!

/\/\e/\/\e said...

a full album for reem kelani
enjoy ;)

Issa said...

thx for the links...
it's really amazing that there are so many palestinian artists we have never heard before!

Sami Majed said...

Rim Banna is my favorite... but hey, where is Shafeeq Kabhaa. He is so popular too :)

Weddo... said...

This is so nice :o

I don't know any of them though

I liked the song

Mnooosh ana bdi songs :$

Diana said...

Simsim: I don't know what happened, I deleted them anyways.

Summer: you're most welcome dear.

Sharifo: thanx!

Meme: thank you sweets.

Issa: I blame the media. They only focus on hishek beshek kind of music!

Sami Majed: I'm sure I missed many names other than Shafeeq Kabhaa, thanks for mentioning him.

Weddo: Yes it is! Shame on us :D

Ola said...

Simon SHahin is Palestinian? wow! I love his music

Anonymous said...

I know many on the list. I also had the honor of attending performances and even chatting with some of them like Simon Shaheen who is very dedicated to the cause and played at Palestinian fundraisers in the US. Reem Banna is great and very devoted to Palestine. Zafer Tawil is a dear friend of mine and a neighbor. I love Amal Murkos, but she angers me when she sings with "israelis." There is another singer that you should add, which is Reem Talhami. She has an angelic voice. Kamilya Jubran is great. I worship her voice and I saw her perform once in Jerusalem and once in Gaza when she was a member of Sabreen. She is also a great Qanoun player. Another two musicians whom you missed and are based in NY are Johnny Farraj (Riqq)and Tareq Abboushi (Buzuq).


GondwanaSound said...

Hello, thanks for sharing your research and enthusiasm. I am researching Palestinian artists for my radio show next week to commemorate if thats the right word 60 years of the nakba. Noam Chomsky said that Palestinian culture risks dying out.....we will be devoting the show to Palestinian music and you can win signed cd of Sprinting Gazelle from Reem Kelani. Please join me live
Wednesdays 10 -midday BST on
Much love

O said...

Brilliant! We owe you D! :)

Diana said...

Thanks Omar! :D

Tareq Abboushi said...

Hey, I know this is an older post, but I just wanted to add myself into the mix of Palestinian musicians. Someone already mentioned my name, but here's a website to go along with it for my group:

Enjoy, and thanks for doing this.

Anonymous said...

i love the list of Palestinian artists you have here. they are indeed great. could you please add a link to Mohsen Subhi (RIP) to this page: