Sunday, February 04, 2007

Random Thoughts

Last week was bad, the general atmosphere was still tensed and everybody, including me, was nervous and stressed. I felt blue. Simple things no matter how silly they are made me sad.
To make things worse on us, the country is suffering from an electricity crisis. We spend many hours without electricity, doing nothing, just staring in the void and thinking of how things in this world are getting worse and worse each day.
Bathing has become a luxury, one has to wait until there is electricity in order to get hot water and be able to bath.
Reading in the light of the candle really sucks. I wondered how our ancestors managed to live like that.

Apart from this, I noticed a new campaign in the streets of Lebanon, March 11 gathering, and I liked that!
They're neither supporting the government nor the opposition, niether March 8 nor March 14, something in between: March 11.
baddi 3eesh ma3ak ( I want to live with you) is printed on this poster, with 1♥1, 7ebbo ba3ed ya jama3ah!

Another thing happened the day following the Ashura, two Shiite kids at school came to show me the injuries in their heads where their fathers injured them with a blade the day before and then they hit it with a sword :s. I was taken aback! Poor kids, How do these parents have the nerve to hurt them like that?! :s

Anyway, I posted some nonsense yesterday. For those who read it, don't take it seriously, I was hallucinating . I'm sorry if I made any of you feel bad because of it. Noura I feel much better now, and Averroes I read your reply and I appreciate it :). Ammar thank you for always being there for me, I appologize for nakedding 3aleek, I didn't mean to . Thanks to you I feel way much better now :)


The Mo said...


I would like to know what are the kids thoughts/stance/point of view and belief with regards to those inhumane acts towards them?


SimSim said...

they should use hayfa wahbe's song badde 3eesh .... 3an jaad lesh heek kol eshe beseer lal aswa2 ...

and the poor kids ? :( OMG

hanat nanoosh

Diana said...

wa 3alaykom al salam The Mo :)

They're first and second graders.
and they were extremely happy while telling me this, as if they were talking about a very interesting adventure.

Diana said...

LOL Simsim, yeah 3ala asas eno Haifa mish 3aysheh wala shway :D

Weddo... said...

Nana ... Glad you're feeling better now!

about the campaign it's really touchy!
law el nas yseero yfakro bs shwai! Allah be3een!

take care :hug:

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are up and running..Good job...

So, for those of us who are sick and tired : March 11 it is :)


Mystique said...


i really can't blame u much for nakkeding at anybody and feeling down.. living in such circumstances doesn't become easier.. and the scenes :S Don't let it get to you so much :hug:

and i like the March 11 thing.. fee nas leka bta3ref tfakker..

take care :)

The Mo said...

Ya lahwetee!! I wonder how do their parents feed them such stuff!!!
لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله

Summer said...

Diana, i have not been out lately so i have not seen those new far i like it from what you wrote....i am waiting and hoping for good things or at least no clashing to come out on the second anniversary for the Hariri killing!

ola said...

That sounds liek a great campaign! thew logo also is so creative

Diana said...

The Mo: Unfortunately yes.

Weddo, Noura, & Reem, thank you guys :)

Summer and Ola, yeah I liked it too, I can see plenty of these posters all calling for unity.

kinzi said...

Wow, I forgot you were there. I will be praying for you when I pray for Summer, may God give you strength and resilience.

Diana said...

Kinzi, you're so sweet, thanx :)

Hala said...

I really feel sorry for the kids :(

Diana, I hope things are a bit better now.

We missed you, glad you are back. Please take care :)

Diana said...

Halool, thank you 7abeeti :)
I miss you all by the way.