Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Things I can never imagine myself wearing

Regardless of how trendy they might be.

I still like Victoria's Secret stuff.


weddo said...


beda7kko :D

bs el 7ala2 msh hal ad beshe3 :P

Diana said...

Yes Weddo, I know it's not that beshe3, but I can't imagine myself wearing it although I may like it on other people.

Actually I like some mdandash earings with really very beautiful designs and colors and I do buy them, but I end up not wearing them bcuz simply I feel that it's not me.
I prefer simple things.

Summer said...

Pretty funky styles!!! I might wear a couple of styles..i like funky stuff sometimes!

SimSim said...

the white shoes is soooo cuuuttteeee specially for u yaa 3aroos lool bedde ajeblek eyaah hadyeeh :ch: loool

angelus said...

Si c ça la mode je préfère que tt le monde se mette nu… ! ! ça c révolutionnaire comme idée...non:)

ton blog est tres drole, je te remerci pr ça a+

Qabbani said...


Me neither :P

Oriental Arabesque said...

i agree with you, specially for the shoes part :)

Weddo said...

ah fahmeh 3alaiki :P

yesterday I went to buy a jacket! kol el denya ma feha jacket 3ala maraa2i! bs 2al kan fe blouse b ma7al maktoob 3alaiha "I <3 Shopping" tab3an ja7artellek el blouse ja7ra ma ye3lam beeha ella rabbeena :D el awa3i sayreh eshe be5zi :P

Mnosh said...

wa ana ma bt5ayal 7ale bsandal ka3eb 20 cm!!

bs el7ala2 7elwen w mazaje :P

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

sometimes new trends look "unwearable" until you get used to seeing them on every one and it becomes stylish.. i remember when it was the 3/4 pants trend..i couldnt imagine me wearing any, but then i did i think this could happen in this case too..or maybe when they are the only things you find in stores..hehe :)

Diana said...

u give an impression that you are more into classic style though.

I know it's for brides, but I cannot imagine that I can wear such things, reesh w wared w 7agat '3areebah :D
so shokran, ma badi :@ :P

hehe, I agree :D
Thanks for stopping by :)


Diana said...

yeah, kteer 3aj2ah.

Yeah, nowadays I rarely find nice clothes that suit my taste.

tayeb m2adameen el 7ala2, 3ala 7sabek! :D

Mrs. Al Ramahi:
you're kinda right. but not when it's too much exaggerated.
nothing in the world can make me wear them :D. I'll make my own if this happens, lol.