Friday, March 09, 2007

Happy Teachers' Day

"Everybody who does something good, important, and valuable deserves a day in their honor."

In Lebanon, they celebrate teachers' day on the second Friday/Saturday of March. The best thing about this day is that it's an official school holiday - we, teachers, love holidays more than the kids :D- and the loads of flowers I get every year, especially the natural ones .
This year, there will be no celebration because of "el wad3 el rahen". Still, me and Mama went out and celbrated it in our own way. Mom was a teacher too.. like mother like daughter.. or as we say in Arabic teb el jarrah 3a temma, el bent btetla3 la emma :D

I always remember my teachers on this day, actually I always think and dream of them. They are an inseparable part of my nostalgic memories and dreams. I wish I can let them know that I truly appreciate their efforts at a time when the teacher’s hard work is not really appreciated.

Last year, we decided to go for a visit to the place where we lived for 12 years. We had a plan where to go and whom to visit. Yet, I found myself taking a different road and heading to the school where I used to study and Mom used to teach at.
I stopped at the gate… amazed..excited.. like the girl who suddenly found herself in wonderland. As I walked through the playground.. into the school building.. I was that little girl again… jumping here.. running there… watching with pride her new drawing displayed on the bulletin board… sitting there.. reading her favorite book.. all the memories came flooding back… and a nostalgic heartache took hold of me.
The school hasn’t changed much, but the teachers have and so have I, they didn’t recognize me until they saw my mother. In their presence, I was the little shy girl again… not a grown up lady.. a teacher just like them.. a mate..
They asked about my experience in teaching, and I couldn’t imagine myself talking to them as “mates”, my answers were like those of a child questioned by his teachers.
We talked for a while, and then I left them discussing various issues with Mom, and decided to take a tour around my lovely school… the classrooms, the art room, the laboratory, and my favorite spot, the library. I once won the prize of the best reader of the school. Ironically, the prize was a book that I never read.
Suddenly, while checking the bulletin boards of the entrance, I spotted something familiar! To my BIG SURPRIZE, I found a small painting with my full name and “12 years old” written on it. Eeeeek, unbelievable! 12 years? Oh my God, I was 25 then, which means that this painting has been there for 13 years??!! I don’t believe it! I rushed inside to tell mother, I took her by the hand and led her to the place where my painting was. It felt like I found a treasure :)

To my teachers and all the teachers over there, you deserve to be honored and appreciated. Happy Teachers’ Day!


Wedad... said...

I can imagine sho3orek lamma la2aiti el soora elle rasamteeha :D that's so sweet of them...

happy teacher's day Nana :D ya rab tdallek kol ayyamek happy

nice post :)

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

One of the most beautiful thing i read lately.

I always think of this situation .. how would be my feeling if i go visit my school ... and you have just talked about it as if it was me visiting my school :-D

By the way, I used to keep the library room key with me while in school :-D

you should have taken some snapshots of the drawing.

happy day :Wardeh:

SimSim said...

waaaaw that was so sweet I never thought of visiting my old school thu it's very near ....

after all i really miss being a teacher

happy teachers day :hug:

Hala said...

How sweet, I can only imagine how happy you felt then. I know I would be happy :P

I really miss my school :( I remember how I used to get flowers for my teachers, and even though it was nothing fancy, it did mean a lot to them. Did I ever tell you I dreamed to be a teacher when I was a little girl? :D

Happy Teachers' Day! I loved the picture quotes at the end of your post :)

Anonymous said...

i miss being a teacher!!

:d keefik btw? miss u like hell!!

and happy teacher's day Diana..:hug:


pssst i ll be back to bloging soon , stay tuned :p

Ammar said...

nice..happy T's day ya mish

sharifo said...

happy ma3alma's day...
inshalla 3al sana tseere nazret madrasa !!!

Aladdin said...

I hate teachers!!!

:smilie mista5if damo wa jay yogtol alromace 2li hon:

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

Happy Mothers Day :)

The last time i went to my school was in first year college (6-7 years ago).. oh my the memorieeees..How i love my school..

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

oops :$ i mean happy Teachers Day :)

Diana said...

Weddo: thanx sweets

Amjad: your comment made my day, thanx my friend :)
I took a photo but I'm too lazy to look for it :D

Simsim: thank you sweetie, happy teachers day to you know since you are an ex (wicked) teacher :D

Hala: No, this is the first time I know that you wanted to be a teacher, I remember that Weddo wanted to be a teacher as well. ma badkon hal sha'3leh believe me :D
thank you

Diana said...

Ranoooosh!! You're still alive? :D
missed you too.

Ammar: Shanksh :D

Sharifo: thank you, ma belba2ly, I will never be a nazrah :D

Aladdin: they hate you too :@ :P

Mrs. Al Ramahi: thanks a lot :)