Sunday, March 04, 2007

snippets of our daily conversations

She: So, when are we going to start walking? Spring is in the air already.
Me: Sure, we have to. Where do you want to walk?
She: korneesh?
Me: Good idea
She: But, is it safe?
Me: I don't know. When was the last time they found a bomb in Saida?
She: Yesterday, and the day before yesterday, and the day before that... every day. Not to mention the poisonous balloons Israeli planes are dumping on the country.
Me: Then, forget it!
She: What are we going to do then?
Me: Stay safe at home, have some chips, chocolate and coffee hehe
She: 2oltek, staying at home and gaining weight better than walking and get killed :D

She: Diana, you know what? I envy you.
Me: What for?
She: because you're leaving Lebanon
Me: I've been hearing this remark pretty much lately.
She: Yeah..
Me: I'm glad that I'm leaving, I wish I can leave now and don't have to wait 4 months. I'm disgusted and can't take it anymore. At first I was worried.. leaving the place where you were born and lived all your life is not easy. But now I don't want to stay here for one more day.
You know, safety is a precious feeling. If I'm in Jordan now, I'd go anywhere I want at anytime.
I knew the value of safety when we fled to Jordan last summer during the war. I miss that feeling. *sigh*
She: I wonder.. which is more precious.. safety or dignity?


Summer said...

I hope things stay safe and well for all of Lebanon and all the people who live here, including me!
where are you going to in four months? getting married and living somewhere else?

Diana said...

I'm going to Jordan Summer where I'll get married and move to Turkey inshallah.
I hope for things to get better here as soon as possible so that we can meet before I leave :)

Qwaider قويدر said...

I hope it gets safe one day soon

bara2 said...

Nice new template….
Well … safety is something one can't feel it's value unless he loses it …
Wallah yajama3a el2men ne3ma .. w el7amdellah enha mawjoda in Jordan ..
But when it comes 2 ur dignity … would u stay ??? I don’t know .. this question seems to have no answer 2 me … maybe if I was in this situation I would take my decision… but here .. now … in this moment … I can't tell ..

any way 7bebte enshallah tethane yarab .. wish u all the best :)

ola said...

good question!

MQabbani said...

I hope things gets safe soon

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

heheh so true..

once me and my fridn decided to walk al korneesh and when we actually DID we saw dunkin donuts and sat there instead :P


ishtagtilk mwaaaa

Anonymous said...

As a Lebanese, at this time nothing else matters, I want my family there to be safe, and I want to be able to plan a visit without having a knot in my stomach because of fear of what might happen, and the what ifs...!!

I wish you happiness and best of luck wherever you go..

Oriental Arabesque said...

Safety & freedom are so valuable…

I was able to relate to what ur talking about when we had the IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi (it’s an exhibition for defense and military) there were huge security preparations everywhere.. I was going to my hairdresser who’s salon is in a hotel and there were police la tafteesh el sayart with this huge scary dog!! :( security gates at the entrance, like the ones in the airports where u pass ur bags and stuff...let alone el tafteesh el sha’7si!!

The whole procedure took less than 10 minutes, but I felt suffocated and couldn’t wait to get out of the place!! At that moment I wondered how do ppl living in unsafe countries face such actions on daily bases! ~sigh~

Hala said...

I know it is hard to leave, but you will be starting a new chapter soon :)

Hopefully, things will get better soon.

An Oriental Blog said...

We all talk about dignity and staying and fighting for your country. But at the end of the day, you want to feel safe, you want to put your head down and be able to sleep. You CAN fight back for your country and be there for it while you're feeling safe. You don't have to physically be there.

Wedad... said...

msh 3arfeh! el so2aal ma elo jawaab! msh hai aw hai! they are both precious in a way :S

and it's more about continuing your life…

Diana said...

Bara2, Noura and all: thanx for the kind wishes :)
I hope things will get better very soon. zhe2na.

Dina loool, same here, we went to walk once and we stopped to have ice cream :D

So, I can see that almost everyone chooses saftey, hmm, I don't really know...