Sunday, June 03, 2007

هل ستنتقل معركة البارد إلى الجنوب؟

نسمع في هذه الاثناء اصوات اشتباكات عنيفة آتية من محيط مخيم عين الحلوة في جنوب لبنان
في محاولة من جند الشام لتخفيف الضغط عن فتح الاسلام في الشمال، اتوقع الاسوأ



Diana said...

OK, it calmed down now after three hours of horror.
I have to blog someday about the feeling of "horror".

Summer said...

I hope things calm down everywhere in Lebanon.

Abed Hamdan said...

يالله مش مهم ارواح الناس...ولا مهم ارواح أبناء المخيم..ولا مهم ارواح الجيش اللبناني

اهم اشي انو فؤاد السنيورة ياخذ دعم من أمريكا ويضل مبسوط...

MQabbani said...

الله يسترها معكم , و يعنيكم :(

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

I hope peace can prevail.. no more war :(

Allah ye7meekum

vagueraz said...

Mush 3arfeh shu a7ki ... '3eer enu allah ykun m3kum w yhdee el jameee3 >>
enu kul el umooor wad7a bdal ma ntkathaf w nkon ded el yahoood
bn2aaatel f b3ad !!!
el wa7ad zehe2 el a5baaaar w el jarayed !!!!

Diana said...

Thank you all for your prayers.

So, we didn't sleep a wink last night. We live in a relatively safe area (although I doubt that there's any safe place in Lebanon anymore) but the sounds of explosions, tanks, guns and God knows what else were deafening.
I didn't go to school today. We are thinking of going to stay at a friend's place for a couple of days where we can't hear the sounds.
ya rabbi tefreja :(

Mr Rbcs said...

ALLAH ma3ako game3an we m3 elsha3b el3araby moslem we mese7y koloh.
But really i didnot think that those in 3en el7elwa wants to relieve the pressure frpm nahr elbared.
i really don't know , i sometimes imagine dark hands that are playing in our countries as chess parts.
when they want terror ...u find terror.
and other point that confuse me alot why USA sending weapons to Lebanon....Lebanon donot need weapons ,Lepanon needs hope ,love,democracy and a chance to rebuild the country after the last war with Israel.
ALLAH ma3ako koloko we ye3ady el2ayam de 3la 7'eer.
we tesba7o 3la 7'er .