Thursday, June 21, 2007

On Envy

It's strange to find that many people, including educated ones, still live under the influence of certain beliefs and myths that control their thoughts and actions. Many forms of superstitions that I thought were forgotten and buried long time ago apparently continue to exist. Believing in bad omens and evil eye and putting the blame on them when bad things happen are unfortunately still widespread among us.

A friend who was "obviously" pregnant denied this fact out of fear of "envy"! She aborted twice before and thought that letting people know that she's expecting a baby is a "bad omen". So, she chose to hide the fact, but her growing abdomen was definitely difficult to hide!
Many people actually prefer to withhold or lie about many things even if these things were well known to others, thus make fools of themselves and show to what extent they are obsessed of the idea of envy and evil eye.

Of course I cannot deny that envy can harm us. Allah(SWT) says (what means): "And from the evil of the envier when he envies." and Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said, “The effect of an evil eye is a fact.” But, it is also believed that the evil eye can never harm us unless God wills so. Hence, lying, fearing , and being way obsessed with el 7asad is unjustified. God protects and supports us if we were good believers.

What astonishes me is that many people find in "envy" an excuse to justify their misdeeds ... to not face their failures and simply relate them to 7asad. "I've been envied" is the pretext given.. A couple may find in"We've been envied" an easy getaway from confronting their problems and their faults and try to fix things up. A cowardly attitude that I strongly detest.

So, what I mean to say here is that I do not stand against people who believe in envy because I am one of them, it's those who are incapable of facing reality and facts, and admit their own faults, and always trying to shift responsibility for all the bad things that happen to them onto "envy", "bad luck", or "the black cat that passed by them that morning :D".


Jood said...

I agree with every word you say, I even knew people that didn't tell others that they are migrating to Canada fearing they will envy them, how stupid is this!

El 7asad mawjood, and I once told that there is this lady that covered her eye to prevent it from el 7asad, and they say that something happens whenever she looks to things with her eye.

Ammar said...

Cool topic, let's see..well, Envy is in the human nature, and fear of it is also a human nature..exadurated sometimes..not thought about other times, but the interesting part about me..since my mind works in weird that a man/woman, will never be satisfied with what he/she has..envy is a one of the deadly seven sins, and being one of them makes it even more of a reason to think of it as a overcome, because one way..or another..we all are guilty of envy.

now go have some cotton candy.

Diana said...

Jood, yeah I heard lots of such stories :D

kalamak dorar ya 3ammo
now I need a SheleM to buy my cotton candy

MQabbani said...


i do agree with u ,

i really hate it when someone lose something or things didt work well with hin/her say

its cuz al 3eeeeeeeeeeeeen

!@#$%!@#$ i dont know i feel it like a weakness to say that badal men 2no say we didt do our best

Diana said...

yes, that's true..