Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The First Seen Moves

The monthly visit to the doctor is one of the most exciting things that a pregnant woman would ever do! It's more like a date with her beloved cute little baby to meet him and see how's he doing.

Yesterday's visit was the most exciting one so far. I could see my baby, who has grown so fast Mashallah, very clearly this time. I loved it how my sweet doctor was as excited as I am while showing me the baby's body parts, "here are his eyes, his ears... check out his arms and legs... this is his neck, and here's his backbone... and here are his toes.. see how's he moving..." The cutest part that drove me to tears was when he put his hand on his cheek, he looked so cute mashallah! The sound of his heartbeat made me cry too. He was moving all the time, moving his arms and legs... I still don't feel these moves and kicks yet (but I was told that I will very soon).

But the naughty little thing couldn't allow us to know whether he's a boy or a girl. He was curling his legs up all the time and we waited for him to extend them but he didn't! I was very excited to know, now I have to wait for the coming months. I have to remember to punish him for that, LOL, kidding tab3an! :D


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you know this..but you shouldn't wait so long to know the gender of the baby because when the baby is big, it becomes difficult to tell.

mabrook :)

Diana said...

really? never heard about such thing. It's not up to us anyway, it depends on the baby's position, whether he wanna let us know or not :D

thank you Gardenia, Allah ybarek feki :)

Qwaider قويدر said...

Shy baby :) what are you doing with a doctor looking at his/her private parts :)!

Wow, you make me feel like I want to get pregnant too ... :)

Just kidding ...

Diana said...

hahaha Qwaider, men get pregnant too :p
I mean they suffer with their wives during this stage, so yalla shid 7elak :p

and yeah, my baby is shy, mo2addab, lol.