Saturday, February 09, 2008

Emotional Instability

I'm not a moody person by nature, or at least that's what I believe myself to be. I mean I'm not one of those people who wake up feeling bad, and just feel like crying or even beating someone up for no specific reason. When I feel bad, it's usually because something happened and made me feel so. Mostly I'm happy and optimistic. But I am a very sensitive girl, I must admit, I sometimes can be very easily irritated and hurt, and cry easily, that's why some people are usually careful when they deal with me :D. Still I am anything but moody.

But lately, I noticed that I've actually became moody! I sometimes find a big difficulty in controlling my temper and getting rid of strain and negative emotions. This makes me feel bad and guilty at times. I couldn't understand why is this happening until I found out that the unbalanced hormone levels are to be blamed for causing all this mess. Hormones change dramatically during pregnancy making the woman very moody, grumpy and overly emotional. A fact that many people, especially men, have no idea about. They think that she's only being na22a2a and daloo3a lol. What do they know about PMSing for nine months anyway? :p

Now I understand why they say that a pregnant woman needs all the care and support from the people around her (especially from the husband) during this sensitive stage. Thank God I have a very supportive family and caring friends who are helping me out through this phase. Being away from my husband is painful, I must say, but I'll do my best to make it not affect me much, if not for my sake, then for the sake of our baby.
So, guys, if you have any pregnant woman in the family, please be very supportive and nice, do not try to irritate her because you never know what her reaction might be :D. But in case anything happened, lay the blame on her crazy hormones not on her. ;)


Hani Obaid said...

In some universities they have a sound-proof room with cushioned walls where stressed out students can go and shout to their heart's content or bang their head against the wall if they want, or just jump up and down !

Diana said...

Oh my God! Bang my head against the wall, and jump up and down? Do you want me to lose my baby?
sorry, but that's so insane! :D

Hani Obaid said...

In that cuse you could leave the jumping up and down and banging head against the wall to hubby, and confine yourself to shouting at him for relaxation :D

Diana said...

now we're talking!
kidding of course, salamet 2albo w raso :)

nido said...

It wont last till the end:) I have been through this, and I even wrote abt it in my blog a few months ago...
Just realx and try not to blame your hormones, I mean deny the fact that hormones can affect you and relax again ;) Take some walks and do some streching..
It's so hard to be away from your husband at this time, May Allah be with you and bring you guys together soon inshallah:)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure its the most difficult to be away from your husband at such a phase:/ Hang in there...

Diana said...

Nido: I'm glad to know that it doesn't last, cuz I HATE IT!!
thanks for the advices dear.

Batoul: I'll do my best, thanks tooteh :)

Anonymous said...

diana: I think your blog is the cutest one i've seen on blogsphere. All the colors and its organized and neat. I like it kteer.

Anonymous said...

Going through your blog, especially your pregnancy posts, I noticed that you make a big deal of it!!!

I understand that it is your first experience going through this, but why all this? I noticed you are a good reader and despite the very well-known fact that pregnancy does arise hormones revolution, however, how you didn’t know this before?

On another front, you are saying that you've been changed since you got pregnant and that due to the said condition, but haven't you told your self it is due to the envy? aw "el 3ain"? that you easily got irritated unlike your nature! I don't know in which month you are by now but I believe it is still bit early to turn and change that much!!!

Why not reduce thinking and talking so much and live normally with your pregnancy? :)

I can advice of one thing: داري على شمعتك تقيد

Eventually, I am sorry if
truth may be that harsh and get you hurt, but this is the comments space and this is the "truth" :) Can't always agree with the rest!

All the best for you and your new life :)

Diana said...

Tooteh: aww, thank you sweets, m2addam, lol

Anonymous: This blog is the place where I speak my mind and express my feelings about anything, it's my space,about me, my life, my diaries, my everything, and i'm free to write whatever I wish regardless of other people's opinion...
I'm making a big deal of being pregnant, that's true. I even decided to stop writing about it, but you see many people are interested in reading my blog and especially the pregnancy posts and they're encouraging me to do so. I don't blame you if u feel that I'm making a big deal of it cuz apparently you haven't experienced the feeling of being pregnant yet:). Had u experienced it you will not think this way :)
As for envy, let me stay in my house nine months and lock my door so that people don't find out that I'm pregnant and envy me :D
I read Quraan daily, and God is there to protect me and my baby inshallah from malicious people ;)
I will not stop posting about the most interesting and rewarding experience in a woman's life, I still have much to say. If you are not interested you can simply IGNORE and get out of here :)

Anonymous said...

No, you can't lock your door and stay home for 9 months long but will you walk on the streets telling ppl same what you say here precisely?

Talking in general can't be @ all as you describe a paint ;-)

I was advising "Sweets" sa7, el 7aki bel bait mesh zay el 7aki 3al "Net" ;-)

Sakri 3a 7alik el baab bas ma feeki tsakri el "Net" ;-)
and yes, I understand a pregnant can get hurt but not turn to be "Ruddie" ;-)

Diana said...

I'm sorry if I was (or still) rude, but do you always interfere in other people's businesses like that?
I mean who are you to give me an advice? Do I know you?
and by the way I wasn't in the least hurt because your opinion means nothing to me and won't be taken into consideration.
Had a friend or someone I know give me this advice, I would heartily listen to him.
You know many bloggers write about things that do not interest me, but I don't go and tell them why are you writing this and why are you posting about that and u better do this and refrain from doing that cuz it's none of my business and I can simply ignore.
Now I have an advice for you, spare your precious advices to your friends because not all people accept advices from "strangers".
Have a nice day! :)

Anonymous said...

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