Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ebni el Habool

started hurting himself.
He always scratches his face.I cut his nails, yet he managed to injure his nose as well as his cheek!!
He was screaming like crazy, and when I hurried to see what's wrong, I found him pulling his own hair!


Mona said...

It is normal dear Diana like all babies and take care of your son.
Nails should be always cut or wear his hand the gloves :)
May God bless him.

nido said...

Shave his head :D hehe,,, My baby did this once while hubby was changing her diaper and she cried from pain, and that was when he decided it's time to shave it. Soon he'll be able to control his hands movement :)

NasEr said...

balke his face itchy men eshe :-o: 7asaseyyeh or so :-o:

Diana said...

Thanks Mona :)
in this hot weather I don't think that gloves is a good idea especially that Kareem beshaweb kteer :D
I'll keep an eye on him and make sure to cut his nails frequently.

Nido: I don't know when I'm going to shave his head, or if I'm going to shave it in the first place :D

Naser: No no, la 7asaseyeh wala shi, as Mona said it's normal, all babies do that involuntarily :D

Hala said...

Awww, it feels nice to know that you have someone who solely depends on you for survival. You want to give them all you have and more :)

Allah ye7meeh

Diana said...

exactly Halool, even when he wants to sleep,which is one of the few things that he can do by himself I guess :D, he wants me to help him doing that, lol
teslami, thanx

Maher said...

i got a question though : when do they start to walk? like one year old?

PS : i love the idea of this blog :D

Diana said...

I think that they start walking at 7 or 8 months Maher.
thanks for stopping by Kareem's blog :D

Dawn said...

Firas pulled his hair once and stopped.
I don't think it hurts but I don't actually know for sure.
And about the nails, no matter how accurate you trim them and even if you file them they'll end up scratching them selves every once in a while.
mittens might work or maybe upper body swaddling, and there are some outfits with a pocket at the end of the sleeves if you flip that it covers the hands. Firas scratches us now :D

Diana said...

it does hurt Dawn, he screams when he does that :D
he pulled his hair yesterday too. we had visitors and they laughed at him so hard :D