Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Going Out for the First Time

I've been told that I went out for the first time last week. I'm saying "I've been told" cuz I really had no idea that I did! Since I need a passport, we went to take passport photos. Unfortunately, I fell asleep before going out and remained so all the time. They say that I opened my eyes after various attempts to wake me up and the photographer took advantage of the moment and photographed me before I closed them and fell asleep again! Then they went to a friend's place and stayed for a while and I remained peacefully asleep during the visit until we went back home.

So, I missed my first meshwar! This is so unfair mommy! :@
Anyway, I heard that I'll be going out next week too (I'll be one month old) , to visit my doctor this time. I hope I don't miss that too!!


مياسي said...


so cute baby photo kareem, try not to miss ur next mishawar :)

W. said...

a passport already ... fe meshwaar kbeer sheklo :D

Hala said...

I thought you were talking about yourself, then I realized that the post (Like all other posts) are basically Kareem talking :$

Wallah sar nefsi ykoon 3endi baby hehehe, the picture is amazing. Bejannen :)

Allah ye7meeh ya rab

nido said...

Ibnik jomhooro kbeeer...kabreelo il soura :p
Mashallah...a cute lil angel...rabna yi7fazlik eyyah:)

Diana said...

Mayasi: I'll try to wake him up next time before we go out :D

Weddo: ah sho lakan, hal fas3oon ra7 ysafer :D

Hala: yeah that was my son talking, lol, sho khayali wase3 :D
yalla inshallah bnefra7 feeki w benshoflek a7la baby :hug:

Nido: yeah, elo sha3beyeh :D
thank you sweets