Saturday, August 09, 2008

Kareem's First Smile

Kareem is four weeks old. He has been smiling recently only while sleeping or just about to fall asleep. He looks soooooooo cute when he smiles and I always wonder about what makes him smile :D
Today, he surprised me with an adorable cute smile when I was talking and playing with him, and he was fully AWAKE!! Nothing can be sweeter and more heart melting than seeing your baby smiles at you for the first time! 7abeebi, he made my day! Can't wait to see more real and huge smiles Kareemo. 7ebak ana, mwaaah


nido said...

yeeeeeee I love the profile pic! bamooooot bi rijlaihom ana :D I keep kissing Mariyah's feet :D

Soon you'll melt when he starts laughing ;)

Diana said...

ana bmoot bi ejreen Kareem as well, mish ma32ool sho cute.
can't wait to see him laughing :D

Noura said...

Allah ye7mi ya rabbi w yeb3atlo iyam 7elweh 7abibti :)

kisses to the toes :D

W. said...

mabsoot 3alaiki keef mabsoota 3alaih :)

Mona said...

1000 mabrook Diana ... inshallah yetrabba be3ezzkom ya rab.
Allah ye7mih.

Amjad Wadiِ said...

كريم أبو .... صار عنده بلوق


الله يخليلكوا اياه

Batoul A. said...

This is such a cute idea. When he grows up, he'll love this!! inshAllah dayman smilling baby kareemo :)

Diana said...

Thank you guys, 3o2bal el 3ayzeen ;)

Amjad: LOOL, betla3lo we7yatak :D

Dino$ said...

habeebti i am so happy u haev abobo ! are u in dubai? i am sorry i lost touch for a while been so busy! i cant wait to see little kareemo! i havent come to ur blog in a while but i spent the last house reading all your last posts and living the pregnancy :)

Alf Mabrook :D im soo soo happy for u guy Allah ybareklko wa inshala kareemo ma yghalibkom kteer :D

Diana said...

thanks dandoon. Allah ybarek feeki :)
yalla a5adti fikra 3an el pregnancy :D
Actually I'm in Lebanon now not in Dubai

NasEr said...

ya 3amme why are you deleting my comments :((((((((( ? did i say something wrong :/ ? i don't precisely recall wut i wrote but i was kidding 4 sure :o

Diana said...

:| :S
I'm not!! Why would I?!
lesh 3am tetehemni zoor, eza enta mdaye3 ana sho 5asni? :D
I never deleted any comment Naser.

Dawn said...

From now on it's gonna be a roller coaster ride of fun and amazement with Kimo.

Diana said...

lol thanks Dawn.
yes, he's laughing to everyone now :D