Monday, September 01, 2008


and where else to vent, my dear blog of course!
*Kareem was sick. I couldn't sleep last night. His coughing and noisy breath made me worried and nervous. I couldn't wake him up to clean his stuffy nose for I knew how upset he usually becomes when someone wakes him up. My poor baby. I couldn't hear him breathing like that, as if I was the one who's finding a difficulty in breathing not him. He's much better today, thank God!

*So, on the first day of Ramadan, I am tired, sleepy, a bit hungry but verrrrry thirsty.

*I almost had a fight with the neighbors, yeah yeah on the first day of Ramadan, because Kareem was terrified by the fireworks noise their children were playing with! Not to mention the loud music the other neighbors play which is very disturbing. I wish I can report them to the police.

*I can't believe how "shallow" and silly some people are! I hate the fact that I have to deal with this sort of people.

Ramadan Mubarak sa7ee7 :$


Sam said...

o no salamto kareem...and uggh how annoying are your neighbours...i dont get why the fire works for everything..poor kareem...i hope fasting is going ok with u..r u bf?? when i fasted few years ago when bilal was 3mo old my milk dried right up and my husband still guilts me about watch your self if you are bf of course:o)

Diana said...

yes Sam I do bf, everything's OK so far, I'll make sure to eat well at night, but if as u said the milk starts to dry up I'll stop fasting. Kareem is still too young to be introduced to other kinds of food you know.

sharifo said...

skiping...skiping !

Salamet Kareem, and a blessed and happy Ramadan !

chill out !

Anonymous said...

yeee, salamto la kareem. 3njad heart breaking to see them helplessly sick and tired. inty kaman y3teeki el 3afyeh... Ramadan KAREEM :)

Qabbani said...

Salamat to Karem

o Ramadan Mubark :)

take it easy be3een Allah

nido said...

Salamto kareeem :( Inshallah he's feeling much better now...
Hope fasting becomes easier for you during this month...
what Sam said is scary though...Inshallah khair!!

Amjad Wadiِ said...

ولا يهمك .. بكره كريم ان شاء الله بكبر و بصير يفقع ألعاب نارية

كل عام و انتي و كريم و ابو كريم بخير

NasEr said...

someone is grumpy :p
don't ask me why but i found u being angry at the neighbors for the fire works and the music thing cute and funny at the same time "YOU'RE DISTURBING MY SON YA ALEELEEN EL 7AYA " :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
salamto Kareemo :)
happy Ramadan :D

Maisastic said...

oh no, salamto karmoush! i just hate it when babies r not feeling well. they get so weak and helpless. i hope he's feeling much better now and fully recovered.

did he has his vaccinations yet? i wonder if u cried ur eyes out.. lol

allah ygawiki 3al syaam and i hope things go well.

Diana said...

Kareemo is doing great elhamdulillah,
thank you all :)

Sharifo: ah skip skip :D
Allah ysalmak thank you

Tooteh: Allah ysalmek sweets, thanx!

Qabban: Same to you :)

Nido: yeah, what Sam said is scary, I don't think I'm gonna fast the whole month!

Amjad: yestarji :D mamnoo3 man3an battan :D. w enta b5air ya rab :)

Naser: bil roo7 bil dam nafdeeka ya Kareem, lol. I'll do anything to keep him happy and satisfied :D

Maious: He had one vaccine and will have another one next week. Poor Kareemo, no actually I didn't cry but I was about to :D

Hope said...

Alf alf alf salama la Karim .. he will be fine in sha Allah
Ramadan Kareem diana
Blessing you sweety ...

Amjad Wadiِ said...

ana bajeebloo tahreeeb :D

Diana said...

Hope: he is fine el 7amdulillah. Thanx, same to you :)

Amjad: :abu ganweh: