Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Starting Solids

Although it is advised not to give solid foods to babies under 6 months, I believe that some can be ready to move beyond milk-only nourishment at 4 or 5 months, depending on some signs of course.
I was planning to introduce solids to Kareem when he turns 4 months and see whether he's ready or not. The other day I was eating a banana and Kareem was looking at me when I suddenly thought, ok well, why not give it a try NOW :D so I mashed a little piece of the banana, about one tablespoon, and put a small amount in Kareem's mouth. At first he looked curious, as if trying to discover the new taste and texture, then he got excited and gave me signs that he liked it and wanted MORE, lol. The next day I got him rice cereal and I've been feeding him about one tablespoon a day and will increase the amount gradually. So, Kareem is ready and absolutely loves this new experience.


Ammar said...

This is the first time I comment on your, and your baby's blog. The last time was probably around the time you got married, so it's been a while.

So Kareem was eating bananas and rice cereals on November 19th, Did he like that Steak? considering its been a week :D

Diana said...

Oh,Ammar is here, ya mar7aba ya mar7aba, yes it's been a while :)
LOL at steak, reminds me of a dude who tried to feed his baby mansaf and he was still a few days old :D

Dawn said...

The thing that signaled me to start Firas on solids was the attention he paid to what others are eating. My mom told me he was ready at 4 months, I waited till his doctor gave us the green light "around the 5th month".
Mashallah Kareem is very alert to notice what you're eating at 4 months old.
The doctor gave us two pieces of advice.
Start with rice cereal, because oatmeal causes constipation and slowly mix with oatmeal later on. and start with fruits and later mix with vegetables when he's 6 months old because fruits are easier to digest.
Some would tell you not to introduce fruits first because Kareem won't accept vegetables after tasting the sweet fruits. I don't think it's true. Their taste buds are not that developed yet.
I tasted babyfood myself, LOL I know what was I thinking !!!, neither fruits nor vegetables have appealing taste.
Sorry for the long reply, and mabrook your new milestone, sa7a o hana Kareem.

nido said...

banana marra wa7deh!? lol...sa7tain ou 3afyeh kareeemooo!
soon our babies will be eating from our own plates! I see my friend feeding her 15 mo son from her own plate and it makes me jealous:p I want to make her taste the food I make :$ Hope she'll like it :p

Diana said...

Dawn, I give him rice cereal only, about one or one and a half tablespoon before going to bed so that he doesn't get hungry quickly and sleep more hours, and let me sleep of course.
bil 3aks thank you for the long reply, I always appreciate the advices or experienced mothers :)

Nido, LOL, 3ala sho mesta3jleh :D . bas 2oltek that would be great :D