Monday, February 02, 2009

Barefoot Kareem

It's been ages since I last wrote anything here!
Anyway, Kareem now enjoys playing with his feet. No more shoes for him cause he takes them off :D. He even takes his socks off!! The other day a man called us at the supermarket, he was saying something and pointing at the floor, we looked to find out that Kareem threw his socks there, lol

Lately, he not only plays with his feet, he puts them in his mouth and starts sucking his toes, hahaha, and he looks so cute when doing so :D


Ammar said...

Ya 3ammi you don't understand, see he's seducing the baby girls with his little striptease! khalloo yzabet omooro 3al bakkeer!

nido said...

You many babies do this, play with their feet and suck on them and stuff,,,but my baby doesnt! she barely recognizes them, hehe,,,
aslan most of the time she is wearing tights, her feet are always cold so I try to watm them up. maybe that's why :p
does he use his hands to pull the socks off willa by his own feet?

Diana said...

HAHAHAHA Ammar, mish '3alat bardo :D

Nido, he actually uses his hands and pulls them off, sometimes byow2a3o min kotr el kicking though :D

W. said...

:D jad babies are weird

ana msh fahmeh esh el ser, ben3ej2o 3ala el edain wel asabe3 wel ejrain :D
2aal esh hada 3ndi mno kteer :|

Diana said...

lool Weddo, ah shayfeh :D
law tshofi el yom kan shaklo kteer beda7ek in the car seat, I looked at him to find him asleep and his feet one with socks and the other without, he took it off and threw it in the car :D

W. said...

hehe :D halla howeh sar befham lal ashyaa2 el 7awalaih aktar :D etla22i mn halla o tale3 jarabeen 3ala kanader 3ala tawaa2i mrammayeh :D

ykhtchi sho cute :D

Dawn said...

Happy Eid to you, your hubby and Kareem.
Have a blessed eid.

Firas & Fady
& their mom

Diana said...

thanks Dawn, happy eid to you too :)