Sunday, December 12, 2010

بدّي أفرح بشبابي

Kareem came to me once and said:" Mama, bedi afra7 bi shababi".
I was like, HUH??? Come again please! What have you just said???? o_O
Kareem: "bedi afra7 bi shababi!"

My God! What I heard was clear, no way to be mistaken, bedo yefra7 bi shababo??
I cracked up before remembering that it's that song on toyor el jannah that he used to watch in Jordan!
But for God's sake, among all the songs that he knows, why on earth did he choose this sentence in particular??

I still laugh my heart out every time I recall this incident.


Dino$ said...

thanks for sharing ya dandooon

Dino$ said...

hahahahah sorry i didnt read the post i just thought it was a video u shared! 7ashash ibnik! bedu yifra7 be shabobo lol kids say the funniest things !

Diana said...

yes they do Dina :D