Monday, December 26, 2005

The Kingdom of Hypocrisy

The best name that i find most suitable for the school I work at is "The Kingdom of Hypocrisy."
The principal is hence, its queen, "the queen of hypocrisy". I've never seen in my whole life, someone more hypocrite and mean than her. All what she cares about is money, and the parents' satisfaction, even though if WE had to lie at them, and pretend continuously how great their kid is, whether academically or morally.
The more u lie, the more she likes and cherishes u. Your success and continuity as a teacher depends on how hypocrite u can be. This is going way too much, too much to be tolerated!
I wonder for how long can I stay there, a place I can never stay at for long, ppl I can never stand! I may explode in her face at any moment. I am definitely, totally, absolutely against this Goddamn policy!
Allah ymare2 hal seneh 3ala kheir.


Knight said...

Nana welcome welcome to the world of blogger i am sure we will see good work here :give:

Nana said...

thanks a lot dear Qais
glad u passed by, yes3do (f)

SimSim said...

this is exactly was my feeling when I was in my previews job but when u know me better and better u recognize that I am the worst person in this field that is why I couldn't stay longer thought it was easier than my job now

this is life nana even if u changed ur job sweetie :hug:

Nana said...

allah be3een simsim. we have to tolerate the meanness of many ppl, not only at work, u know what i mean;)

theone said...

hehe.. sho bdk te3mli bdk trdi fehom at least for this year.. ba3dn u can look for new job.. or at least start looking mn hal2, bs i wonder eza el 7al ra7 eykon a7san b 3'eer madraseeh

Nana said...

Raeef I hate teaching min asloh :P
so,if i'm gonna look for a new job, i'll look for anything except teaching.