Friday, December 30, 2005

Random Thoughts

*Who said that life is beautiful? Who said that people are nice? Who said that we are as pure as we think ourseves to be?
Life is not beautiful, people are not nice, and we are not pure. Man is a sinner by nature. we are evil by nature.
a fact that we do our best to ignore....

*beware me, I'm a quitter!
I don't really care, I don't really give it a damn. In case anything bothers me, I just walk away, close the door behind, and never look back!

*hey you! can't u plz be a bit more selfish? and stop being so caring?
God you're so stupid!
(oh that was addressed to me)

*It really sucks when you are punished for a sin u havn't committed, when you are blamed and even attacked for doing nothing wrong. Why can't we just live in peace, and leave people alone?

don't ask me why did i write this, cuz i myself have no idea.


Knight said...

wala ana 3aref lish katbeh haik

cheer up and be ur self always and nice as you are always (f)

Nana said...

Thanks Qais, enta elle nice :$

I feel much better today :)
Happy New Year
yes3do (f)