Sunday, February 19, 2006

I'm officially depressed

OK, I think that's it, I can't escape from this fact anymore. I am passing a very hard time, too much stress and pressure at work, too much black clouds, too much gloom, and sickness, God damn it, it made things even worse.

I hate nagging, but I really really have to vent, otherwise I'll explode.

Since when I feel so bad in winter? never happened before. This year, winter sucks big time.

I don't feel like going out. I don't feel like seeing anyone or talking to anyone.
symptoms of depression, aren't they?

well, until the sun shines again, I'll try to find out a way to get me out of this shell.
I am sorry I made u read this, but I had to let it out. don't feel sorry for me, I'll manage to get back to my cheerful mood, don't know when, but I will.


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

lol @ the smiley.. lieth depwethed? dont be katkoota ta3ali adal3ik!! hehe listen we all get those days sometiems u get soo stressed out and feel so much pressure that u want to EXPLODE ( or blow urself up) hehe ok sooo it will pass.. vent ya habeeebticheee vent it help! if u saw my blog i have somethin similar posted hehe i try to let it out in a blog or in mahjoob! its healthy! sometiems it works... i

i personallly have felt a dark cloud has been followin the past couple of days... but ya3nee it will pass.. i hope.. and inshala u will cheer up very soon... i suggest CHOCOLATE !!! hehe it always makes me feel feel better at least for a little while!

dont sleep too much cause that will increase the depression! dont watch love stories that end with tragic death! actually even happy endings depress me when im depressed! hehe

Dont listen to sad songs like " why does it always rain on me" or "ALl BY MYSELF"

heheh that is my advice for now.. and always keep in mind there is someone out there in uae somewhere stuffin her face with chocolates who feels the sane way.. GALbi ma3ik,, ur not alone! hehe (hug taf3ees)

mudassar said...

assallamu allaikum nana.. how r u. i dont kno exactly wat happened with u but wat ever the matter is, jus belive and pray to Allah.. inshallah he will solve ur problem and he will once again bring sunshine smile in ur life :) like dino said get urself a huge bar of chocolate and eat..

may Allah bless u with happiness.. come on dino make her smile with ur magic words.. :)

SimSim said...

thu I love winter but I guess it brings lonlyness .... I don't know how and why but it does ...

and u know what ?? Ektashafet enne ba7eb el we7deh ....

hope u will feel better soon :hug: mata bedna nshofek ?

Knight said...

fatra o bet3adi kolna bnmor feha el mohm ma t6awel

cheer up girl :hug:

dont forget that we are here always for you sweet nana :f:

Nana said...

chocoholic, mudassar, SimSim, and Knight.
Thank you all guys (f), I appreciate your sweet feelings and kind words.
I'm starting to feel better :o), or that's what I'm trying to convince myself of. Good start anyway.

Knight: I forgot to tell u that I stole a pic from ur blog and I used it as a signature :shy:
7abeita kteeeeer, you have a great taste :give:

Dead Man Walking said...

Cheer up sweet girl (f)

North-Star said...

Sorry to hear that,
An older friend of mine at work was telling me the other day about what may cause depression to us Dark skinned people lol :D his theory was that the lack of Vitamin D which comes through exposure to sun will cause us to feel down and depressed, 3alaiky b Vitamin D what the sources are aba3arafesh bass beiny w beinek there is nothing better than sunny days with hot tempartues and a cold Glass of Ice tea.

Cheer up ya 3ammy cheer up :ag:

Bless you w inshalla you will feel better.
W simsim 3ala sabeel el e7teya6 san7ech inty w DMW

Nana said...

Ammar, Thanks dear (f)

Salah, LOL @ ur friend. Thanks for the advice, I'll try to apply it.
Bless you too, and sab3ak neyabatan 3an SimSim and DMW :ch: :D
yes3edoo (f)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

how r u feeling today? bas habeeit a6aman 3alieki ya katkooteh! (cake chocolata) wa kees za3tar wa maftool! hehehe *hugayeh kbeereh kaman!

Nana said...

choco , I feel better el 7amdulillah, still sick, but my mood is much better.
Thanks for asking,and for the chocolate cake :rgs:
back at ya :hug: