Saturday, February 25, 2006

back on track

A beautiful shiny day it was. Despite the sickness, I've felt so enthusiastic and cheerful since early morning. My mood was "in love", . I was in love with everything today. I was in love with myself, my car, my morning nescafe, my sandwich, my katakeet and 3afareet*.

I had a strange feeling to hug ppl, and to dance! Yes, I wanted badly to dance, yet I did not. My soul was dancing, and I guess that's enough!

I think the sun owe me a "thank you" cuz most probably it was the cause of all this delight.

So, Nana is back on track. told ya I'll manage.

*katakeet are my cute adorable pupils, while 3afareet are completely the opposite.


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

ana z3lit! ma32ool tur2usii min ghieri ana wa BAGARti! heheh

Im glad ur back on track! Allah yis3idik Dayman!

mwa (gubla)

Happy love said...

Glad you are feeling great....
Im also in love with the always gives me hope....

sweety..inshalah you will always feel happy (f)

North-Star said...

See Tulip I told you so :ag: It is all about the Sun exposure lol :p

Ana Lesa Ziftation moood wala bezbo6 my mood ela bel 9eifeyeh waaaaaaaaaaaa3.
Im glad you are feeling good now w bahdeeky o`3neyet Sami Kreik woops I mean Clarck : 2oomy taner2o9 ya 9abeyeh

:`3a6a el gar3ah w faka7 bel seyarah gabel ma yakol ganweh 3ala raso:


Nana said...

chocoholic I had a feeling to dance, yet I did not :P. el marra el jay barGos ma3aky ente wa baGartek :D
wa yis3idek enty kaman :hug:

sad love hii jojo, welcome here.
thank you, same goes to you (f)

Sala7 LOOOL, shokran 3al ehda2 :D

bil sayfeyeh u mean lama troo7 3al ordon sa7? Inshallah teje el sayfeyeh bsor3ah 3ashan kolna nroo7 3al ordon w nenbeset :rgs:, sa7 chocoholic ;-)?

Dar said...

Welcome Back :)

Nana said...

Thanks Dar :)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

sa7 sa7 sa7 * dancing with bagara already at the thought!!

i cant wait!! yippeeee!!!

hehe listen pls when u see my bagara dont stare at her.. she feels awkward around a new crowd.. she cnat stop dancing...min yom ma inkhalaat bitrugus! hehe :P

Nana said...

LOL @ u and ur bagarah!