Monday, February 27, 2006

Steve Sabella

Steve Sabella was born in the Old City of Jerusalem. Following his studies at the Collège des Frères de la Salle, he enrolled in the Jerusalem School of Photography where he received his Diploma in Art Photography three years later.

Steve's visual capacity is well developed. He has a unique way of seeing, that combines East and West. His works show a balance between authentic ideas and visual expression. During his studies, Steve has shown great curiosity and investigation of various ways of expression in photography as well as experiencing in many different technical procedures. His final project of the second and third year of studies awarded him special prizes of excellence. Steve has felt intuitively from the start that photography would be his way in life and he works along totally with this feeling. He is a sensitive person, who follows his heart. In his artwork he is always searching for himself on one hand, while on the other hand he searches for the mystery of the universe.

Enthusiasm characterizes Steve. His success lies in the simplicity and accuracy of his photos. This is shown in his ability to give a new visual meaning to the photos and his sensitivity has been matched by his commitment to his craft. His approach to photography has been both professional and highly personal. He has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in places such Tel Hai museum/Israel, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem galleries in East and West, Khalil Sakakini in Ramallah (twice), Rome/Italy, Montreal/Canada, touring exhibition in the USA (Mind Body & Soul) and his exhibition End of Days toured five major Palestinian cities . Some of these exhibitions aroused media interest that lead to TV interviews and documentations.

Steve Sabella was one of the winners of the Young Artist Award competition organized by A.M. Qattan Foundation in Ramallah/Palestine for the year 2002. He is currently working as a full time professional photographer and has been hired by international organizations such as the UN (UNICEF-UNDP-UNRWA-UNFPA), NGO's, government offices and major advertising companies in Palestine. Steve Sabella was chosen as Photographer of the Month in This Week in Palestine publication in Oct. 2001.

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Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

wow i love photography... i love his photos... they are amazing! he has a gift!! wow i wish i could take pics like that!


im gonna look for more images by him! he is amazing!!

thanks for sharing NANA ( hugaya )

Nana said...

yeah, his photos are amazing.

They take us to palestine, and show us how beautiful it is!


You welcome Dino, glad u liked them. You must see the others (f)

Weddo said...

LOL what a coincidence :D

I came across your blog while searching for some of “Steve Sabella” works :D
7abbait elle saaar :P
And yeah aslant I was searching to know more about him
And I saw his website before! Nice photos

Nana said...

welcome to my blog Weddo, nice to meet u:)
LOOL, ana kaman 7abait elle sar.
I love Sabella's photos.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to look for the unseen in his images...