Saturday, March 04, 2006

My Messy Life!

Nana , the one known to be very strict and organized, confesses that lately her life has turned into to a big mess!
unorganized time, wasting much time, concentrating on some stuff and completely ignoring others...What a mess!!!

I'm neglecting the family and friends (as usual), I think I have to spend more time with them. I also abandoned reading, I've been stuck to this same "short" book since a month or so; whereas I can really finish reading it within two days!

I really cannot stand this anymore. I hate disorder :(

wake up nana wake up, someone throw a bucket of cold water at me plz! I badly need to wake up! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr


SimSim said...

I love disorder :shy:

Dead Man Walking said...

ur a mess :bad7ak o ana ba2asher 3aleke:

Nana said...

SimSim, really? you do love disorder???
I don't, everything in my life has to be well organized. I inherited this from my mother, bas 3ala akhaf shway, mama da2ee2a kteer aktar minni.

DMW: Yes I am :P. 3ala asas enta elle kteer organized ya3ne, look who's talkin :p