Friday, March 24, 2006

A day out

It's been a while since I last went out and had some fun.
Celebrating teachers day, although a bit late, the teachers and the school staff decided to go and have lunch at this very relaxing place.

We sang, danced, told jokes, laughed, enjoyed the yummy food, and had a great time! Everybody was happy. I could see the other side of them. The faces that I've never seen but tired, exhausted, yelling, disgusted because of the stress we go through at school, were shining with happiness today :). It was a bit hard to believe that these people I'm hanging out with are the same people I see at school everyday.
I took a few pictures, but I forgot to take one for the food table which looked gorgeous because I was busy eating,lol


Orange trees right above the table?

All u want to do is to pick and eat, Yummy!


SimSim said...

that was great nana ... we went to madenet eljbeha eltarwe7yeeh looool last monday it was great and we (the teachers) played more than the kids ... it was fun

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

glad u had fun! sometimes its good to just let out all the energy and have some great FOOD! :)

miss u nana! i started work and i seriously have no time at all!!

im abt to go sleep because i can now! mwa mwa (hug)

Dead Man Walking said...

mafjoo3a :p

Nana said...

SimSim, LOL, tell me about it, we like to play as much as kids like to :$

Dino, hiii, miss u too! How's ur new job? It seems very tiring! ya36eeky el 3afyeh :)

DMW: LOL, yes I am (h)