Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Death greeted me today!

Death passed by me today, said:" hi, I'm here", and then walked away!

I had a terrible night. Being tired, I went to bed early, awakened by some nightmare, and then by the sound of heavy rain. Half asleep, half awake I was wondering what sound is that? Is it really rain, or is it the sound of some fire that is going to destroy everything and kill me!

When I woke up in the morning, I recalled what happened, and laughed at the crazy thoughts I have when I'm tired and sleepy.

It was a bit cold, it wasn't raining but the ground was wet when I got into my car and drove heading to work.
Everything was just normal, listening to Fairouz and enjoying the serenity of the morning; when out of a sudden, I totally lost any control of the car! The car started going by itself to the left and to the right, turned around itself as if sliding on ice or a soupy ground before I was finally able to stop it in the middle of the street by lifting the handbrake!
All this happened in less than half a minute, but it sounded like hours to me!
I stepped out of the car, shivering, crying , asking for help, not believing that I'm still alive! I really thought that I'm not going to survive, if not dying by a car accident, then I must die of horror. I felt that my heart is about to stop beating.

Two men, seeing a car in the middle of the street, pulled over, asked me what happened. I explained that I lost control of the car, and I had to stop it right there. They said it's ok, not a big deal, explaining that this happens especially on rainy days, asking me to calm down.

One of them moved my car so that other cars would be able to pass, while the other offered me a few tissues to dry my tears and again asked me to calm down.

I thanked them for their help. Got into the car, trying to understand what happened, is if for real or just another nightmare?! Feeling the quick beating of my heart, the shivering of my body, and the tears running over my cheeks, I realized that it's for real. That was the most horrible experience I've ever had, I believed that my life has come to an end right at this time and right at this place.

I don't know how i managed to drive after that, and got to school. I spent the whole day thinking of what happened, flashbacks of the car sliding, and me screaming kept haunting me all day long.
Life, at a second, sounded meaningless and valueless to me...

الحمد لله


Knight said...

الحمد لله على سلامتك نانا.

وما تبكي تاني مره دموعك غالية

(f) :hug:

Rana said...

el 7amdellah 3a salamtik Nanoosh..aham shi ma sar eshi feeki...i hada car accident last week and i went mute for 2 hrs.

:hug: allah y7meeki always

Rana said...
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SimSim said...

OMG :( الحمد لله على سلامتك

عن جد خوفتيني و منيح اللي اجت على هيك و ديري بالك على حالك و الله يحميكي


Nana said...

Qais, Rana and Simsim, thank you guys, Allah ysalemkon ya rab.

El 7amdillah 3ala salamtek Ranoosh, didn't know that u had a car accident!

love u all (f)

Dar said...

Hey No biggie , aham ishi anaki 7ayaton torzaki :P well it really sounded scary bs 7amdellah 3al salameh o reitha akbar el masayeb , maybe it was a sign or something , bs since everything is ok u need to make a joke of it and laugh :) , and for the records kam kanat sor3etek

ma3jooga said...

الحمد لله على سلامتك

الله ستر... ديري بالك على حالك هو إحنا كم نانا عنا!

Nana said...

Dar and 3ajoog, thank you for the sweet words (f)

Dar, I wasn't driving that fast, I don't recall exactly what the speed was.

Muhammad EL-Ashry said...

hi nana

nice post
and lovely blog

ohoud said...

الحمد الله على السلامة

And Hamdilla nothing bad happened:)

Nana said...

I thought that I won't dare to drive again! LOL.
but everything is just fine, I almost forgot about it.

thank you all for ur concern.

Muhammad, and Ohoud, thanx a bunch, and welcome to my blog :)