Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Only Venting...

I've never been able to find out a way on how to deal with impolite people, young and old.
It's not as simple as "why to deal with them in the first place", cuz sometimes u just have to, they exist in your life against your will...

Now that they exist, u have to accommodate urself with it and try to figure out the best way to handle it. Being not that social, neither that expert in dealing with different kinds of humans, make it much harder on u to do so.

For me, as a teacher, my ultimate suffering lies in dealing with "impolite" students who lack the slightest hint of grace and manners, and show no sign of concern and responsibility. These "mafa3ee9" manage to spoil my whole day and to get on my last nerve while trying desperately to make them behave and show some concern and respect!

I've tried hard to find the secret weapon that would solve all my problems with these guys, but in vain. Nothing is working with me, neither being good nor being harsh, absolutely nothing!

I rest my case..


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