Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I like the new timing!
Despite that u get up an hour earlier, but u come back an hour earlier too, so u have time to do so many things before it gets dark and makes u feel lazy that the day is over! :D

Welcome Spring.


أمل said...

I love it too :)

Eve said...

I know the feeling! :)

Jamal said...

Eve put me in charge of organizing a little event for bloggers in lebanon so if you're interested in joining us or at least in being on the mailing list so you know what goes on in the future
please email me at jamgho@yahoo.com

Thank you

theone said...

hey nana

u know . i was in irbid today wa 6l3t el sob7 wa kont b taxi wa sm3t el 3ammo mothee3 be7kee el sa3ato al2aan 8:03 b tawqeet amman el 9ayfi :D hek 3rft eno t3adal el wa2t :D

Nana said...

Hey there :)
I'll be honoured, really. I'd love to, but unfortunately I'm too busy to be there :)
and if anyone from Lebanon Heart Blogs is reading this, I want to tell u that I'm not Lebanese, so my blog should be removed from Lebanese blogs category to be added to "friends in Lebanon" one.
thank you all :)

Nana said...

LOL theone, you serious? el wa2et 3adalooh min osboo3, wein kayen enta bi 3alam akhar?! :D
LOL @ 3ammo mothee3!

theone said...

la2 walek 3addloo yomahaa

ana msh la hal darjeeh 6abel ajwaaf :D

Nana said...


Ana [Lua] said...

lovely picture

Nana said...

Lua, yeah, I love this pic. I love tulips.