Saturday, April 22, 2006

Don't think twice...

…When it comes to marriage!

Two women came to ask about Zahra, my cute little naughty pupil, during the break yesterday. Zahra was called upon, and as soon as one of the two women caught sight of her, she ran to embrace her, started kissing and hugging her passionately.

I asked: who’s she?

The answer was: her mother.

me: Her mother?

a teacher:Yes, her mother is divorced, so she comes every while and then to see Zahra who lives with her father and stepmother.

The little girl seemed to be a bit shy and embarrassed, as if the woman who was holding her was a stranger! The mother put her daughter in her lap, gave her a bag of candies and chocolate, talked for a while, then kissed her goodbye...

Zahra walked back to the playground. On her way she noticed that I was watching, she looked at me, smiled, and went on. Nothing at that moment was able to hide the bitterness Zahra felt inside, not even her joy with the bag of candies her mother brought her.

I couldn’t stop my tears from falling. The scene touched me deep. I felt sorry, for both daughter and mother. A woman, having her kids away from her, living with another woman- a stranger- that’s hell!!!!!

I pondered for a while, what if (God forbids) the same happened to me one day. I’d prefer to die than leaving my kids to another woman. I won’t care for the husband then as much as I will do for my kids, hell with him if he turned out to be a bad man. The kids are what matter!
It was yesterday, and only yesterday that I understood why do women stand and tolerate leading a miserable life with their mean husbands. It’s for the sake of their kids!

It is not as simple as it appears for single people. It’s not only you who is involved, it’s not only your life that is going to be destroyed or influenced by the consequences of divorce. There are innocent victims who are going to pay and suffer because of unsuccessful marriages.

So people, when it comes to marriage, do not think twice, think a hundred times before getting involved with the wrong person!

note: I wrote this in December,6th, 2005.


a h m a d said...

I would think for days before signing a two-year-work contract. On the other hand, the idea of marriage is like a fifty-year-contract. How much should a person think before signing a 50 year contract? It is a serious issue that many take so lightly.

mudassar said...

assallamu allaikum. hey u kno wat even if u think one time or twice or even thousand times u will only marry the person whom Allah have assigned to u.. so stop thinking so much and pray to Allah that u must get a person who will love u more than u love him... have a nice day nana

wedad said...

you are sooooooooo right :) thanks for the good post.
and yes It’s for the sake of her kids! I expereinced this with mam :)

Nana said...

ahman and mudassar, you are right guys :)

weddo sweetie, I'm sorry to hear that, I feel u cuz I've been there, too...