Sunday, April 09, 2006

Loosing Passion

Again, another symptom of growing up, running out of dreams, and loosing passion and interest in things we used to enjoy when younger.
When one is young, he has many dreams and ambitions, once he start fulfilling them, life becomes boring.


hrdgy said...

I believe it's replaced with passion of work..anyway

Dar said...

Why dont u upgrade yr dreams , keep them in a dynamic cycle of updating and changing ......

Ana [Lua] said...

Life isn't that boring. Trust me!

Nana said...

Hard Guy passion of work, hmm, yeah maybe, only in one case, if you like your job which is not the case with me :D

Dar not much is left. Most of the "realistic" dreams were fulfilled.

Lua, maybe, but I'm bored these days.

You know guys, when one is young, he always dream of becoming a grown up, attend university, graduate, get a job, get a car and a cell phone maybe :D and many many more.
Now, that he got all this, nothing much is left. really.

I remember that when I was younger, I used to get very excited when I get something new or when I experience something new. Nowadays even if I get new stuff, nothing is interesting anymore, everything is just normal. No more excitement, no more passion.
Maybe it's only me, dunno...
I'm sorry, seems that I talked too much.