Friday, April 28, 2006

The Mediterranean Sea Yesterday


Dar said...

What a great sea , i feel that it is the sea full of History and lots of events took there , it is a great one :)

Weddo said...

Nice pictures NaNa :give:

I want to visit Lebanon :( btesta2beleeni :P??

Nice and Amazing :give:

theone said...

nice pics nana 5anom

mata bedk te3mini 3a lobnaan :D?

Nana said...

wow Dar, what a way to look at the sea :o), I love the sea, especially at sunset.

weddoo, lek ahla w sahla feeky, bda so2al ya3ny :hug:

Raeef, enta kaman ahla w sahla feek, beitak w ma6ra7ak :p

these pix too, are taken by my cell phone, I don't have a digital camera, yet :(