Sunday, April 16, 2006

On Blogging

Where do I being to tell the story of how great blogging can be, teraraaaaa...

Now seriously, I, for the first time, have a few things to say about this blogging thingie (you're all ears? ok let me start then)

My first encounter with blogs was when I came across
the blog of my friend Raeef. I enjoyed reading his posts and found it a cool idea to have a personal space and write about one's life, yet never thought of doing that myself. Until, my other two friends, SimSim and Rana created their own blogs and I found it impossible not to comment on their posts, hence I had to create my own blog in order to be able to comment and nothing more.

I don't know what happened that made me think of blogging myself, maybe just out of boredom, I started posting some stuff, but never took it seriously. Until now, I still find it a waste to post my topics here where only a few can read them, while hundreds do read my thoughts and comment on them somewhere else. Sometimes, I think of making a duplicate here, but I just feel like repeating myself, especially that most of my blog visitors read what I write there, and for those who don't know what am talking about, don't ask where this "there" is :D

Anyway, I'm thinking of "a7o6 3a2ly bi rasy" and pay more attention to my blog. But sometimes, when I decide finally to write something, my mind just goes blank. I'm not a talkative person by nature, I usually prefer to listen rather than talk. Not only that, strangers find me "boring",lol. I wonder those who talk too much where do they get all this talk from?! lol.

While browsing the various blogs here and there, I found that some only write about their personal life, something like :I got up had my coffee went to work, and many other boring details in which I find no interest at all, why would people care to know all this? unless there’s something interesting to share of course.

Other blogs merely contain copied material, one feels like browsing a newspaper or something. This kind of blogs is even more boring than the previous one.

So I got stuck here, what am I supposed to post? What if people find my blog boring? Should I care for their opinions, or ignore and simply consider my blog as my world, my own interests, and people have nothing to do with it?
I think that the best idea was to vary the subjects, write about my personal life, my crazy thoughts, and at the same time post some copied material that I find interesting to share.

Still, I felt that I'm a bad blogger. Despite of that, while I was checking Lebanon Heart Blogs, to my surprise, I found my blog among the blog list :D, and I was like: cooool.

Anyways, back to what I said previously, I prefer to listen and in the net world to "read" of course. People I LOVE reading for: my friends of course.
SimSim, Rana, and Raeef. I'm glad that Rana is blogging again, u guys have to know that she moved to another blog (Euphoria), and yes, she is blogging again, yeeeehaaa, let’s party. can't wait to read more, plz plz Ranoosh don't stop blogging! I just enjoy your writings.

Lizard of Oz, and her blog
Cinnamon Zone is absolutely one of my favorite. I find this girl quite interesting. Actually I had the honor to meet her in Amman. Lulu, keep up the good work!

Knight, and his aristocratic
blog, I just love the articles,the poetry and other stuff that he posts. Not to mention his classy elegant taste :)

Dino, and her crazy blog
chocoholic madness , this girl is crazy and cute :D, her blog is quite enjoyable.

Proud Jordanian, come on, man you're very creative, why did u stop blogging? tayeb why don't u post your old writings and make ur blog kinda archive? Cool idea right? yalla go ahead :p

Dar’s and Ohoud’s are two of my favorite. Actually Ohoud is one of a kind.

That's all I wanted to say about the blogging dilemma, maybe I'll come back later in case I had anything else to add.


a h m a d said...

This is my frist visit to your blog and it grabbed my attention the topic that you are bringing up.

"... what am I supposed to post? What if people find my blog boring? Should I care for their opinions, or ignore and simply consider my blog as my world, my own interests, and people have nothing to do with it?"

All of us pass through these questions. For me, I think of my blog as my personal diary that went digital. I post on it almost anything that I find personally interesting. Yet my blog went through major evolution. For example, I used to post technical topics but this is extremely boring for every person I can think of, so I stopped it on my main blog (and dedicated another blog for technical "urges".) So all in all, I had to compromise between what really interests me and between not boring my friends. :)

Rana said...

hey nice post diaan..and really brain storming question..what to write?what to talk about?
is it my personnal life?this wld e so boring one is interested to read what so i do in life and when do i wake up yada yada yada..i wld rwrite about things that intersts me..i wld talk about life from my own eyes..interpreting it with my mind!
i wld talk about movies ,music,morals my own words..i don't mind quoting another article if i think it is worth to be published again..but i wld prefer if it is my own trying my best now to create an interesting blog..where i can enjoy it as many will do in sha allah..:give:

Nana said...

Ahmad hey!
welcome here :-)

So all in all, I had to compromise between what really interests me and between not boring my friends. :)

I think I have to agree on what you said above.
Thank you for ur input :-)

Nana said...

You are right!
and as I mentioned before, you're a good writer, or let me say blogger, you have great ideas and u usually put them in a good and interesting way.

so, we'll be following up!

Ola said...

You have a great blog Nana! I think you take a good care of it! You know at first I wasn't convinced of the idea... innoh for what ya3ni? Then I discovered the secret charm of blogging: Being able to talk and talk, and caring less if anybody is listening at all :D

Nana said...

Actually Ola I took care a good care of the sidebar only,lol.

you have a great blog urself :-)

SimSim said...

nice post diana

but why I am enjoying blogging :p but like to read for u and others :give:

Nana said...

samsoom, thank you sweets (f)

Dar said...

OMG , how did i miss this post , u have mentioned me in , i was checking my technorati , when suddenly i saw my name listed in yr blog :)
Well thanks alot for being of your favourites :)


Anonymous said...

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