Thursday, April 13, 2006


well, yeah I love flowers, tulips in specific (obviously).
I can spend hours looking for tulips pictures and paintings, and I enjoy every single second of it. I think I'm addicted, lol. weird, eh?


Dead Man Walking said...

ur weird :p

Dar said...

I remember seeing a couple of amazing tulip pictures on , try it

SimSim said...

I love flowers so much ... best gift ever :shy: and I saw tulip they r very beautiful

lizard of Oz said...

Yay :o

Nana said...

DMW I wish u get busy again, konna merta7een minnak actually! :P

Dar thanx man, how did I miss this site?
I'll definitely check it out :-)

Samsoomty I know you prefer roses sweets.
Happy Birthday btw, I wish u all the best on this day, and may all your dreams come true :hug:
Love ya (f)

Lolo they're awesome, aren't they?

Rana said...

they remind me of you..i prefer sunflowers..dunno..they are so bright and make me smile : D

Love them ..thanx for sharing :give: