Thursday, May 11, 2006

I forgot something.. a very big thing...

Today my friends reminded me of something stupid I did last year. They were talking about bad memory and how people who work as teachers lose their minds gradually supporting this notion with proves and real stories.

So, each teacher, in her turn, told us about something crazy she did, the stories were hilarious and we laughed our guts out.

One teacher always forgets stuff at different places and runs back to get them, and another who while driving her car stopped suddenly thinking that she forgot the keys "of the car" at home looool, imagine this, she IS driving the car and she thought that she forgot the keys at home and hence has to go back to get them!!

Anyway, wait till you hear my story.

Last year, I used to go to school by bus. One day, I had to go to the Jordanian Embassy in Baabda to get a new passport. So, I went by my car and headed afterwards to the school. When the bell of the last period rang, I, as am used to do every day, went directly to the bus. On the way, while me and the teachers were talking about our school day, "nagging" to be more precise, I had a feeling that I forgot something at school, and I tried to remember what would it be, hoping that it's not something important so that it can wait till the next day, when suddenly I shouted: MY CAR, I FORGOT MY CAR AT SCHOOL!!

I couldn't believe that I did, neither they could.They stared at me for a moment and then burst out laughing, because one can forget anything but to forgot his car, that was very stupid

I asked the driver to pull over, and I had to walk back to get my car. When I arrived home, and told my mother what happened, she started lamenting for her only daughter was losing her mind

eeeeeeeeeh, teachers!


Rana said...

LOOOOOOOOOOL ,how did u forget your car!!
i wld forget tiny things ,ya3ni matalan my keychain ,some papers bs my car!!!

sa7 inik u lost it 3al akeed,i forget classes,i wld be playing ping pong aw drinking coffee at the room forgetting completely that i have a class :p

i guess it is teacher's syndrome :d
quit it soon diana b4 it kills you!

SimSim said...

Girls don't let me start with 5afafaan el 3agel :$ I have now lool

but forgetting me car !!? loool hay gawyeeh diana loool

Dead Man Walking said...


Dar said...

Hahaha , thats a cool one to remember and laugh about :) try not to work that hard , hai el mara ejat saleemeh , ebsar el mara el jai sho ra7 yseeer :)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hahahh reminds me of the things i do... i usually put things on the car b4 i open it and then get in the car and drive forgettin things on the car roof... usually im followed by ppl tryin to tell me !!

I left my car keys n the car door many times and foudn them still there the next day surprisingly..

i buy things and leave without takin them... :S

i am a walking disaster... saDgoooni! hehe :P

nice story nana made me lol thinkin of u in the bus with a question mark cloud above ur head lol ino sho nseet? hahahaha

my mom always says.. inti law itjawazti wa khalafti ull leave the hospital without taking ur baby! :P

yee sho ba7ki ana .. sorry :P

Nana said...

Rana, SimSim and Dead Man Walking, ed7ako 3lyee ma3lesh, masero yejy youm w ad7ak 3alekon :P

Dar, el marra el jay momken ansa 7aly :D

islamic chocoholic LOOOOOOOOL, hay 6ele3 7ada msattel aktar minny :D sorry :$

Anonymous said...

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